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1. Laptop Stand (Portable)

Need a much more convenient placement for your laptops? Look no further! This laptop stand is what your searching for. Carry around with you where you go. Keeps laptop propped up and not overheating.

Other benefits:

  • Can quickly fold into small size
  • With small bag perfect for carrying around
  • Compatible for all laptops from 7 to 17 inches
Aluminum Computer Laptop Stand Riser Desk
Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

2. USB Flash Drive (Extreme Compact)

A space-saver is what we got here! Less bulky than a regular flash drive, compact, and easy to carry. Offers up to 64GB of storage capacity.

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64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick
USB Flash Drive 64GB

3. Phone Stand (Packs of 3)

Be more alert with your phone with this next item. Keeps phone propped up so you don’t have to miss emails or messages again.

You get 3 in a single purchase. So it’s perfect for when you have more than one workspaces (home, office, second office etc.)

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Adjustable Phone Stand
Universal Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

4. Silent Mouse and Keyboard

Sound-proof your workspace! With this keyboard and mouse, you can work basically anywhere without making much noise. (all those annoying clicking-sounds)

Get the MAC & PC kind so it’s versatile for BOTH. We use a combo of Mac & PC switch-overs all the time so to have a versatile one is handy.

Other benefits:

  • Stable Wireless Connection
  • Fashion Full-Size Keyboard
  • High DPI and Ergonomic Design
  • Durable and Wide Compatibility

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Ultra Slim Silent Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo 
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

5. Time Management Tool

You can always keep track on your phone, but desk aesthetics play a role in your productivity.

Other benefirts:

  • You get one for work period, another for resting
  • Can help you achieve more goals and become more focused
  • Looks elegant. Lovely decor for desks with a purpose
  • Sturdy and stable

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Multi-Function Electronic Digital Stopwatch Timer
 Sand Hourglass Timer
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