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When we started in 2018, we only wanted to be resourceful for creators. That mission still stands with us today.

These projects take a lot to build, plan, and execute. Our goal however, is to keep these projects & resources affordable or free when possible.

Meet the hardworking team that keeps our projects alive & active!


FAQ 1: How do you fund everything?

  1. We’re actively working as a branding firm with our clients.
  2. We partner with other companies & sponsorships!
  3. Our affiliations with the tools & tech we use everyday.

FAQ 2: How can I support?

  1. You can Buy Us Coffee
  2. You can partner with us
  3. You can use our affiliate links
  4. You can sponsor us
  5. You can use our branding services

Current Active Projects:

An Initiative to Empower & Uplift Asian Creatives in America through monthly panels. Often we see in our communities, the push to stay away from creative avenues. We want to encourage Asian creatives of America to pursue their creative endeavors.

Our freelancer job board has all the recent job boards to help you fight through the crowd and land that very first gig! Landed a gig through here, let us know!

Have a job board to feature? Email us:

This entity was created with the intent to act as a centralized hub for resources and networking for creatives and companies branching into niche cultures such as anime, video games, etc.

Our scholarship board has over 50+ active scholarships ready for creative students to take advantage. Our team works on this board monthly to keep it active with new scholarships.

Wanna contribute? Email us:

We’d like to personally invite you to our new project under the EAA brand, The Tea House where we bring even more Asian & AAPI creators into the house to talk all things:


    • Creative Work & Journey
    • Asian/AAPI Experience
    • Asian/AAPI Heritage

Inactive Projects:

A weekly podcast by two creators who talk about student creator life and creative entrepeneur life. All things branding, marketing, art school, and the creative industry.

Available on: iTunes | Spotify | iHeartRadio Podcasts | Anchor

Our Stop Asian Hate, Love Asian People campaign was in effort to push the agenda regarding Asian Hate. Majority of proceeds were donated to an ATL based org that works with the AAPI community. 

Remaining items are still available for purchase on our Etsy.

Creatives Make ATL (CMATL) is a weekly project to highlight and inspire local ATL creators through a series of interviews.

We are now accepting submissions!

Use Your Voice is a resource campaign with all tools needed to get you registered and to the voting polls as seamless as possible. We would like to thank for providing the tools to build out this project. Our team encourages you to stay educated!

Not only ATL, but America was heavily affected by COVID-19 and the massive wave of unemployment + stay-at-home orders. We worked as a team to push COVID-19 resources of all levels: financial, mental health, and business.

We never forget the ones in between being a student creator and a creative entrepreneur, because we’ve been there, done that! A resume is crucial during this phase and we want to help!

Free Resume-Ready Package!