The Creative Struggle is REAL

With COVID-19 cases rising, there’s no better time to serve our community than now.

Below are resources for you, creatives!

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Financial Support + Assistance
Business Support + Assistance

Working from home? Moving Business Online? Lost some gigs? We’ve gathered our top resources just for you.

Here are TCF we use a lot of tools to compliment our virtual team. Here are some of our favorite tools offering some type of user-relief:

  • Video recording/Screen recording – Loom
  • Conference Calling / Collaboration – Zoom 
  • Audio/Podcast recording –  Zencastr


Freelancers who lost their gigs, here are top recommended sites to find gigs:

Hire-Profile, an Atlanta based Staffing firm for creatives in Atlanta.

Comcast & Internet Service 

Comcast to provide 60 days of free internet for low-income families over coronavirus 

Internet Essentials by Comcast 

Podcasts You Should Hear / Good Reads:

Food Resources
Mental Health Resources


Helping Homelessness in ATL
Host or Store Belongings for Displaced Atlanta Students
Food Related