We’re The Creative Folks—a collection of content creators based in Atlanta, GA. Our geometric cloud logo emphasizes our core beliefs: diversity, free-thinking, and using creativity and teamwork to tackle complex issues.

Our mission is simple. We hope to be a part of the Atlanta creative community by being the bridge that closes the gap between creativity and business. We do this by creating content catered to creatives. Here’s what we have to offer:

Partnerships & Projects:
We believe that when we collaborate to create content and opportunities for creatives, we create a better environment for them to succeed in their businesses.

Featured Artists: We know that ATL is diverse with art, so we want to give everyone a chance to shine. The Artist Roundup Series is open to public for you to nominate your favorite artists!

Resource-Rich Newsletter: Our newsletters are not top secret, but they are exclusive. Filled with creative job opportunities, company updates, TCF merch releases, and more!

Headshots: Creatives need headshots? Of course! Whether it’s a team or  just you, show the world you’re more than just the arts, you mean business.

Brand Photography: Food photos for your restaurant or product photography for e-commerce, make sure your brand’s imagery match your quality of work.

Limited Design Services: Why go for big agencies if you just need small projects done? Our team is packed with skills and ready to work with you.


This is what we’re currently working on for Atlanta’s artist community:

YouTube: For our visual learners and those who need on-the-go content, we’re moving into the video space. Coming soon in 2019.

The Lighting Rod Podcast: Two artists in Atlanta come together to answer questions about the creative industry, hoping to spark your next creative project.

Workshops: Our workshops will be held at our office, in groups of 5-10 creatives at a time to create a better learning experience. These workshop dates and topics can be found in our newsletter!

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