During such trying times, nothing is more important than caring for one another. The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity for your business to show how much it cares for others. By doing this, you will prove to your community that you truly do live up to the values listed on your “about us” page. In the long run, this will build your business. More importantly, it will build you, your employees, and your community.

Raise Money for Charity

The measures taken to stop COVID-19 have put many people out of work. These individuals are struggling to make ends meet and are in desperate need of aid. You can do a lot to help by raising money and donating it to charities. If sales are still up in your business, consider pledging a portion of your proceeds. Even if business is down, you can always use your community influence to advertise a fundraiser. There can be many problems with ordinary fundraising if your business wants to raise money for charity. However, the benefits you bring to your community will be worth the trouble.

Cater Lunch from Local Restaurants

Social distancing has hit local restaurants hard. Many have been forced to cut staff, while others are closing their doors. But social distancing does not have to stop you from eating at your local restaurant. Your employees need to eat, and so do you! Consider having a local restaurant come and drop off food for you and your employees. You can still maintain social distancing practices by eating separately. This will do more than just boost the local restaurant, it will boost your employee’s morale as well.

3-D Print Masks

Does your business have a 3-D printer? Then there is something major you can do to help! Hospitals workers, police, and many other essential personnel are in desperate need of medical masks. Unfortunately, the demand is higher than medical companies can produce. Recently, some groups have turned towards using 3-D printed masks with filters inserted. If you have a 3-D printer, you can download plans to print them online It will only take 2-3 hours to produce a mask. You can then donate these masks to local hospitals and law enforcement agencies.

It is during times of crisis that a business’s true colors are shown. By following these ideas, and any of your own, you will show the world that you truly care. You will never regret touching the lives of those who are in desperate need.

If you’re looking for some resources to help you during this trying time of COVID-19, please browse our list of resources that we’ve put together for you.