What is your creative medium?


Tell us how you started your business / creative venture?

It really just started on a whim. It happened during the pandemic where I still wasn’t really able to find a job or really decide on what I wanted to do after graduating.

Has your culture and heritage impacted your work? How so?

I’d definitely say that culture and heritage have both played a role in my baking. I like to keep my desserts on the less sweet side just because that’s how my family and typically Asians like it. I also like incorporating Asian flavors such as lychee, Thai tea, matcha, hojicha, and etc. in my baking because I feel like it helps me stay true to my Asian roots.

Has your family supported your creative journey? Did you have to overcome anything?

In a way yes and no. My parents still want me to continue my education and get a higher degree to get a good job, but at the same time, they do understand that this is a passion of mine so they do help out wherever they can whenever I bake. I am also grateful to have support from other family members, friends, and also friends from around the world that I met through this baking journey. The people that I’ve met through my baking have definitely helped encourage me by letting me know that I’m not alone in the ways that I feel sometimes and make me want to continue to strive in becoming better.

How long have you been doing your creative work?

Honestly, it feels like I’ve always been baking since a young age, but I think I got into it a lot more and started learning more throughout my college years.

What made you choose this journey?

Baking is something that always brings me joy. I just love being able to bake and share them with the people around me and it makes me really happy knowing that others can enjoy the things I make.

What advice can you give to another AAPI creative who maybe struggling to follow a creative career pathway due to stigmas?

I’d say just go for it. Don’t let stigmas or others hold you back from doing something you enjoy. You only get one life, so spend it doing something that you love. You’ll meet so many people along the way and you’ll see that there are many others out there who are or will be supportive of you. You may not know it, but you may become inspiration for someone else out there.

How can people learn more about you and your business?

What are some resources that have helped you succeed?

I joined a FB page called Subtle Asian Baking and it’s really just a community of bakers who also share their journeys and their bakes and it’s definitely helped inspire me. Everyone is supportive of each other and it’s just a good space to be able to share your successes and failures without having any judgement.

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