What’s your creative medium?


Tell us how you started your business / creative venture?

Art has always been integrated into my childhood and into my adulthood. There was no clear starting point. In high school, I would photocopy and staple my sketches and sell them as coloring books to friends. I have yet to pursue art full-time but I have enough commissions and projects to keep my creative flow going.

Has your culture and heritage impacted your work? How so?

My Korean heritage has a large influence on my art. I have struggled with embracing my Asian-ness while being American. I was born in the USA and have always felt a disconnect with Korean history and culture. I reference many of my late mother’s childhood photographs from Korea to feel connected to my Korean self. She is the most featured subject in my works.

Has your family supported your creative journey? Did you have to overcome anything?

My mother was always encouraging my creativity. She allowed me to draw on walls and kept every sketchpad I filled up as a child. However, my immigrant parents always worried about financial security and wanted me to have a stable career.

How long have you been doing your creative work?

I paused making art for years after my mother’s passing. I picked up art again about five years ago. Since then I’ve been painting portraits, abstract pieces, murals, and many commissioned works.

What made you choose this journey?

I choose to make art to be my most authentic self. It’s not a means of financial gain or being noticed. While those are the perks of creating art, I’m always pushing myself to reinvent and retell my story through paintings.

What advice can you give to another AAPI creative who maybe struggling to follow a creative career pathway due to stigmas?

Find a community of creative people! I could not pick up on my art the way I have if it were not for my friends and family. Being creative is to be vulnerable and revealing yourself. Do not convince yourself that your creative work is not worth sharing. Your voice matters!

Share a quote you live by. It can be yours or something else that inspires you!

When I am weak, then I am strong.

How can people learn more about you and your business?

What are some resources that have helped you succeed?

I have found Instagram to be incredibly helpful in finding clients but also finding other artist friends. It’s led me to all kinds of opportunities!

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