Tell us how you started your business / creative venture?

Since day one honestly, my dad was an illustrator for most of my early upbringing and my grandfather was a full-time musician. Seeing [the] two [of them] over the years, the two crafts, kind of just fell in place for me. I was always in some sort of art class through my whole school career, AP Art came later in high school but she failed me (who cares about some fruit in a bowl LOL).

My grandfather encouraged me to join the school band as soon as I got to the 6th grade, I continued that until 8th. It was later on in my senior year, my buddies and I formed a metal band and we went on to do some tours around the country and played here locally around GA.

I did have plans to go to art college (SCAD) after high school but over the years of meeting all these creative people and hearing different experiences on the road, I decided its probably not the thing for me. I moved up here from Warner Robins, GA in 2014 and already had plans to pursue my art in a more mature, disciplined manner [while trying] to make some waves here in Atlanta.

I hear ideas from everybody that admires my art, like shirt graphics, logos, posters, flyers. So that’s what I specialize in specifically, more recently I was hired on at screen print shop here so that opened up a whole new avenue to the possibilities and a whole new tier of knowledge to my arsenal. I started to dabble in animation, I’ve watched a huge spectrum of animations over my lifetime, always wanted to have my own animation studio/company!

How long have you been doing this? Are there any struggles you want to share?

I started taking my art career seriously after high school, it was something I could grab onto and was familiar with. The struggles are having to dub down your prices sometimes is a drag, at the end of the day I want to extend my hand to help people out because they’re coming to ME for my skill, so I’ll work in the confines and know how much certain projects are worth.

What made you choose this route?

These are my passions. I probably wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

Share a quote you live by. It can be yours or something else that inspires you!

“Don’t think. Feel.”

Bruce Lee

How can people learn more about you and your business?

What are some resources that have helped you succeed?

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