Editor’s note: Kennedy Norfleet is a busy artist as they’re working on superb paintings! We compiled Norfleet’s answers to tell the meaning behind the art at Ken’s Art Studio.

We asked Norfleet, the classic, “when did you start this creative venture?” Norfleet replies, “I started painting when I was in middle school for fun, but I started taking it serious when some[thing] traumatic happened in my life. Art seemed to comfort me in a way. Art saved my life.” Norfleet’s art studio is also referred to as Ken’s Art Studio, which we will reference here in today’s interview.

Norfleet’s website outlines a section where the art’s meaning gives us insight into Norfleet’s world. Ken’s Art Studio as a business cares a lot about embracing uniqueness and the inner spirit animals (uhm, yasss!). All pieces are made with 100% cotton canvases and painted with love!

Mental Health in the Creative Community

We often hear this in the creative community we work with, that some type of childhood experience, traumatic experience, or a life event that heavily impacted a creator’s life, results to them leaning toward art and creativity. We love GoodTherapy’s article on Art and Trauma: Creativity As a Resiliency Factor.

We asked Norfleet, “What made you chose this route?” as sometimes we know the creative journey is not an easy one. Norfleet responds with, “It’s really helping me financially and mentally.”

We want to encourage creators at this time that mental health in the creative community is present and you should always take care of your mental health. Did you know that psychologists believe there’s a tentative link? Norfleet has been painting for 5 years and let us know that “Anytime I’m upset, I put my feelings on to a canvas and let the painting speak for me.”

Does anyone feel this way as well? Let us know in the comments!

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