Having proper brand recognition can make or break a business. The more recognizable and identifiable a brand is, the better chance it has of sticking in the minds of consumers and winning their dollar. There’s a reason that so many corporate giants are widely recognized, and that reason is proper branding and marketing. Here are the steps to making your brand more recognizable.

Why You Need to Define Your Brand

Defining your brand is essential for being successful and drawing in a stable customer base. Your branding should be uniform across platforms, keeping the same style or themes throughout. The best way to achieve this is to create a style guide. There are many benefits of creating a brand style guide. A style guide details the do’s and don’ts of what goes into your marketing materials. It lays out a selection of colors the branding must use, a spattering of logo styles to be used and other requirements of what goes into your advertising. This ensures your branding stays consistent.

Be Unique

While a style guide restricts your branding for the sake of consistency, that doesn’t mean it limits your creativity. It’s important to be unique with your branding because you’ll need that creative edge and fresh take on the business to draw in customers. Following the same old traditional branding styles of other businesses just leaves you lost in the crowd. Take what makes those staple traditional branding styles successful and turn them on their heads, putting your own unique spin on things.

Keep It Simple

The biggest mistake people make in their branding is making it overly complicated. Keep your logos simple and your messages clear. Most of your branding is trying to send a lot of information visually in a very short time. If a viewer isn’t hooked within the first three seconds of looking at your advertisement, they’ll simply move on. Emphasize the call to action in your branding and your identifying information, like your logo and product. This helps drive the point across right away and makes your marketing far more attractive.

Building a strong and recognizable brand isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of work and trial and error to make one that’s successful. If you already have a brand image that isn’t working, don’t be afraid to overhaul it. Savvy companies constantly update and refresh their look to avoid letting their branding start to stagnate.