Retaining employees is vital for organizational prosperity. By investing more in the development of your employees, you not only create a sense of confidence and value in them, but you also increase the productivity of your company overall. Creating an organizational culture of employees striving to achieve and exceed their personal goals goes a long way in ensuring they put out their best. Below are several ways that you can help your employees grow.

Give Them New Roles

Employees need to feel engaged and that they are significant to the organization. As a manager, you can increase the motivation of your juniors by assigning them more responsibilities. With more responsibilities comes more reward. By giving your employees new roles, they feel that their input is appreciated and rewarded. Out of curiosity, employees may take up more responsibilities because they need to increase their skill levels. You can enrich their need for growth by giving them new roles within the organization. When the employees attain new skill sets, it directly translates to more productivity, which is good for business.

Fund Their Education

There are several reasons why you should want to fund the education of your employees. You’re likely aware of the need to offer benefits alongside compensation if you want to retain talented employees in your firm. Due to the costs involved, you are forced to choose what benefits you can consistently avail to them. You also want to offer the benefits that they value the most. Tuition cost benefits fit the bill perfectly. Reimbursing tuition costs for your employees is a great way to increase skill level and knowledge. Even if your company can’t fully fund an employee’s tuition, there are plenty of other ways you can help them achieve their educational goals. Offering paid educational leaves or offering to pay for travel expenses are ways you can contribute to employee education.

Providing Formal Mentoring

Both your good and bad performers could use a mentor. With the help of a good mentor, your well-performing employees can move to the next levels of responsibilities. The not-so-well performing employee can get to speed up in utility within the organization. You can decide to either formulate a mentorship program in the firm or assign a mentor to your employees. Take a closer look at what fits your company needs and also take into consideration the personal attributes of your employees.

Part of being a truly great leader is ensuring the personal growth of your employees and seeing that they are continually progressing in their careers. Career advancement is always dear to the heart, right next to achieving financial obligations.

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