If you are in the creative field and deal with a mental health concern, then you have several different choices in the treatment you choose. The most important thing, however, is that you decide to get treated as it can change your entire life for good. You have probably heard the old saying that laughter is the world’s best medicine, and it turns out that it may be true. Laughter releases endorphins into your bloodstream that can help you feel more energetic and positive. Therefore, make time to find something to laugh about regularly. You may want to watch a funny film, hang out with a friend who often makes you laugh or read a humorous book. Laughter is a creative way to deal with mental health issues, but there is more.

Traditional Treatments

You can choose to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist. They will probably prescribe you some medicines that will help you feel better. Getting the right drugs into your system can be challenging because not every medication works for every individual. They may also recommend that you see them or a counselor for talk therapy. In some cases, you will even be hospitalized for a while so that they can monitor drug interactions and see you more frequently.


You may find it helpful to exercise regularly as exercise releases endorphins into your bloodstream while raising your dopamine and serotonin levels. You can increase the benefits of exercising on your mental health by exercising with friends. Exercising outside also helps you feel better. The longer that you exercise at one time, the more endorphins will be released into your bloodstream. It can be particularly helpful to work out in the morning as your levels will stay higher for about 12 hours.

Take a Trip

Immersing yourself in a different environment changes the way that your brain works. Then, you can look at problems in a new way that may help improve your mental health. Traveling also removes you from your comfort zone. Then, when you return, you may be more willing to make needed changes that are currently zapping your energy. Even planning a vacation has mental health rewards because it gives you something to look forward to that you will enjoy. If you travel with your loved ones or friends, then you strengthen interpersonal bonds that can help you get through low times. In addition to travel, there are several other experiential therapies that can help treat depression.


Research has found that going outside and playing in the dirt while gardening also releases endorphins into your bloodstream, so the chances are that you will feel happier. Being out in the sun is a natural mood booster. Exposure to sunlight naturally raises serotonin levels in the body. It also helps to set the body’s biological clock, so you get a better night’s sleep. Gardening often gives people a sense of purpose because they know that they have to get moving to weed the garden or prune a plant. Growing a beautiful flower or food can be a great way to increase your self-confidence.

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Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is especially important for creatives who experience mental health concerns. Make sure that you regularly dine on foods that will release endorphins into your bloodstream, like chocolate, oranges, strawberries, grapes, and nuts. The best foods, however, to eat for endorphin release are spicy foods, so go ahead and enjoy a bowl of Indian curry, some jambalaya, or an enchilada. You will also want to eat foods that encourage dopamine release, like omega-3-rich fish, low-calorie dairy products, dark chocolate, or bananas. One of the best sources, however, is unprocessed meats, so consider calling a friend and going out for a great steak dinner. You will also want to eat probiotic-rich foods, like yogurt and sauerkraut, as they cause hormone levels in your body to rise naturally.

Pet an Animal

You may want to make an appointment to cuddle with a cow or a miniature horse when you are feeling a mental crisis coming on, or you may just want to spend time on your couch stroking your own dog. Regardless of what type of animal you choose to cuddle, research shows that interacting with animals helps to improve mental health. Making friends with an animal can make you feel less lonely, which may be a particular problem for creatives who spend hours working alone. Stroking an animal lowers blood pressure, which can help you feel better.

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There are many ways that creatives can improve their mental health. If you think you are having a mental health crisis, then make sure to seek help. There are plenty of people willing to help you in traditional and experimental ways, so get the help that you need so that you can start feeling better. Then, you will be amazed at the creative energy that flows out of your soul.