An entrepreneurial mindset is about energy and focus. Working in a static space can be particularly confining to an entrepreneur. Instead, these business dynamos need access to creative spaces that promote new ways of thinking.


A visit to a local art museum can help to energize a business owner who needs to tackle an old problem with a new viewpoint. Not only can a unique sculpture help the entrepreneurial mind to study an object from all directions, but museums tend to offer both open spaces and plenty of natural light. In addition, museums often offer spaces to monitor your own energy while you take in new inspiration. Finally, most museums have a terrific coffee shop or café where you can enjoy a beverage and synthesize your notes.

Coworking Spaces

Sometimes the best way to manage a challenge is to look at it from another viewpoint. In a coworking space, if you need a new perspective, you can pick up your laptop and find one. In addition, these spaces can put you in contact with other entrepreneurs for guidance and support. You can find a couch or drag a couple of chairs to a window for plenty of light while you bounce ideas around. Coworking spaces offer built-in amenities, among a myriad of other benefits. Flexible seating and the option to work at a standing desk can help you to think about your project in a new way.

Get Moving

From a long stroll to a power walk, walking meetings can boost your brain while you exercise your body. Depending on the pace you set, you can invite other walkers or break out into small groups. Walking with a creative partner boosts your creativity and can increase the candor in your relationship. You can also take yourself out for an inspirational walk if ideas aren’t flowing. Ideas show up when you’re walking because it’s a habit. You don’t have to think about walking. Once your body is moving by habit, your brain is free to come up with new ideas.

To boost your energy as an entrepreneur, you may need to try something different in a new space. From a productive walking meeting to an inspiring conversation with a new contact while coworking, entrepreneurs can happily gain inspiration from nearly any source thanks to their remarkable ability to focus. Every connection you make gives you new ideas for your future business goals and can help to build your web of connections with other entrepreneurs.

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