What is your creative work?

I am a painter, illustrator

Tell us how you started your business / creative venture?

I started back in 2018 with my very first art show at the Masquerade in Atlanta with a group called Raw Artists. It sparked my journey to quit my full time job and to follow my dreams and create art full time. I named my collective “Sea The Spirit” because I wanted to share my spiritual journey with others and I wanted to grow alongside of all my other creator friends and give everyone an open safe environment to thrive.

How long have you been doing your creative work?

I’ve always created art but I started my creative journey in 2018, so going on three years as a collective. 💜

What made you choose this journey?

I realized I was wasting away working a full-time job. I was losing my grip on happiness slowly and what caused me to finally follow my dreams was when I thought my little sister was going to pass away. I told myself I would waste another day and I would follow my dreams. I would create my happiness again by doing what I love!

What kind of struggles did you face in your journey?

First off is being a starving artist; for the first year, I didn’t make enough money to get by and over time through my connections and hard work I finally am at a place where I can be somewhat comfortable. Second, I had trouble with people telling me if I created what people wanted I would sell more art at events but I stayed true to myself and it worked out! Third, the art world can be intimidating and stressful, I don’t like a competition between creators and so that’s part of why I created my collective so everyone that I worked with (including myself) had a positive environment to grow in.

What is one advice you can give to creatives struggling right now?

Don’t stop pushing yourself to be a better version of yourself. There were many times when I wanted to give up because of how much hard work it takes to become even somewhat successful in this world. The hard work pays off and it’s worth all the stress and love that you put into yourself. The journey is never going to be easy but as long as you have a support network surrounding you, you can achieve anything you out your mind to.

Share a quote you live by. It can be yours or something else that inspires you!

“ Often it’s the deepest pain that empowers you to grow into your higher self. Change is inevitable, but the transformation is by conscious choice. Beautiful are those whose brokenness gives birth to transformation and wisdom.”

Are there any products you recommend that helped you better your craft?

If you’re a painter I recommend master touch acrylic paints and Windsor Newton’s paint as well. Aways go to Michaels for supplies, they have tons of coupons that really help. I use Canson sketch pads for all of my drawings. Don’t always buy the cheap stuff, it’s worth it to spend the extra money on good quality supplies that will last longer and look better.

How can people learn more about you and your business?

What are some resources that have helped you succeed?

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