Tell us how you started your business?

When I was in the 9th grade, I was placed in a career pathway course that focused on graphic design. Initially, I didn’t know one thing about graphic design, or where to begin. The first day my teacher made us take off our shoe and draw it. After that task was complete, we were able to get on the computer and explore. I was able to learn the ends and outs of the Adobe Suite. I was ecstatic I was able to use my full creativity to complete a school project for a grade.

After doing research and being in the class, I fell in love with designing. 12th grade approached really fast, I was ready to graduate and already had a strong sense of what my passion was, so I decided to major in Graphic Design. My first semester of college, I was hired as a student marketing associate. I was able to develop campus-wide print material for my university.

This helped me develop stronger design skills. While working there, I also did Snapchat geofilters and flyers for my college colleagues. This is something that I loved doing, I am passionate about it. A year later, I took a leap of faith and started to brand myself and started my business, since then, which was 4 years ago, my business has grown tremendously.


You’re so talented and it shows! We’re so proud, keep up the great work Iannah!

What problems are you solving with your product/business?

I help brands establish a brand identity as well as, making a strong online and social media presence to help increase sales and brand awareness.

What makes you different from the competition?

Graphic Designing/art is something I am passionate about and have been for a very long time. It is another form of art for me, I use work as an outlet when things are aren’t going as planned.

Share a quote you live by. It can be yours or something else that inspires you!

“Be you. Love you. All Ways. Always.”

Alex Elle

How can people learn more about you and your business?

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