Having a forward-thinking and communicative team is an essential part of any successful business; however, getting there is easier said than done. As a business leader, your responsibilities don’t end with just the sales part of your company; it also involves molding your staff into the type of employees you want. Therefore, the following list includes three team-building exercises that you can implement in your small business.


There are some in the industry that believes that competition within the office only helps to create a negative cutthroat environment. Although some of that is true, you can help avoid this by the way you go about it. One of the best ways to increase team communication and collaboration is to create competition amongst teams rather than individuals alone. The goal here is to make it fun, challenging, and effective and avoid anything that can make things stressful as that will only provide you with the opposite effect. A well-crafted competition will see co-workers pushing each other to do better in order to get to the top. This, along with encouragement from yourself, can really bring people together within your workplace.

Field Trips Aren’t Just for Kids

Let’s remove the notion that field trips are only for kids. A field trip or work activities can provide your staff with a much-needed break from the mundane tasks of the office. It can also allow them to speak with their co-workers about topics other than business. A great place to take your employees while keeping work in mind is the manufacturing centers of your product. Allowing your employees to understand how their product is made can not only re-energize their interest in the company but also provide them with valuable information. If you’re worried about the transportation aspect of your trip, you shouldn’t be. You can take everyone in one van and head out to the site.

Get Active & Give Back

Those who work within an office for eight hours a day can tell you that they hardly get to receive some sunlight. Therefore, taking your staff out for a day to get active outside in the sun is a great way to reinvigorate your staff. In addition, you may also take the time to give back to the community through a group clean up or other community service project. This will provide your staff with a purpose during the outing.

Taking an initiative when it comes to team building within your office is not only encouraged, it’s expected. Therefore, business leaders should utilize the information posted above to begin creating a more communicative and collaborative team within their company.

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