Using creativity to solve problems

Our goal as a team is to be the bridge between creativity and business.

Whether you have a brand that needs branding help or you’re a creator who wants to learn the steps & necessities to build a brand…We want to be your
go-to resource.


Branding Services

We understand that branding is WAY more than a logo, it’ll take time to build. We can help with that through our branding services. From the basics to the management, let’s talk and see how we can build your brand.

Content Creation

We know that the steps to brand building is lengthy and takes a lot of research. We bring the resources & expertise to you through our content library. Our content is unique and suits any creator.

Projects & Partnerships

Our client work financially enables us to fund our content projects,  establish partnerships,  and providing sponsorships to creative initiatives in Atlanta or world wide!

The creatives that make it possible

  • Collectable hoarder
  • Loves corgis
  • Creative Jack-of-all-trades
  • Soft spot for 방탄소년단
  • Keeps TCF runnin’
Tammy Huynh


  • Kpop & Anime lover
  • Insect hater
  • Food junkie
  • Dancer
  • TCF’s go-to model
Emmy Le

Creative Assistant

  • Queen of memes 
  • Hustler
  • Power networker
  • Rocky’s mama
  • Keeps TCF on brand!
Sheena Patel

Branding Director

  • Illustrator by day, Jazz singer by night
  • Retro-Queen
  • Movie junkie
  • Storyteller
  • The Lightning Rod Co-Host
Minh Huynh

Content Director & Creator

  • Azure D. Phoenix
  • Pun King of TCF
  • Doodle jockie
  • Strategy ninja
  • Fulfill & Create TCF Merch
Darian Mathews

Production Director

  • Violin enthusiast
  • Animal lover
  • Good organizer
  • Keeps TCF very very very nicely organized! 
Liz Dawis

Virtual Assistant