Your Resume Is Important For Navigating The World


Our company was built by a bunch of college students. We’ve navigated the world of unpaid internships, digging for scholarships, side hustle after side hustle, and of course THE JOB SEARCH! (Horrendous, btw!) A big part of the process requires a polished resume because it makes a huge difference.  

We created our Resume-Ready Package for our student creators who are lost, wandering, or just need a spruce up. It’s an inclusive package for everyone!

Here is what’s included in the Resume-Ready Package by The Creative Folks:


😲 6 FREE EDITABLE Resume Templates!
Our templates are made in Canva so that it’s easy for you to access & edit!
🚫 The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts List for Resumes
Our official guide on what to and not to do on your resume!
😎 Guide With 30 Actions Words to Use in a Resume
Outside of the design, the writing is super important. We include 30 action words you can add to your resume for the extra impact!

The Resume-Ready Package is a project powered by The Creative Folks. Our continuous partnerships with our clients give us the financial opportunity to fund creative projects like this.

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