An Initiative to Empower & Uplift Asian Creatives in America

Often we see in our communities, the push to stay away from creative avenues. Our project goal is to bring Asians & AAPI  discussion panels to encourage Asian creatives of America to pursue their creative endeavors.

Panel Discussions to Engage in Insightful Conversations

We believe that Asians & AAPI collectively create a better America. Through EAA, we push to look past the citizenship and will invite Asian creatives who are refugees, study abroad students, H-1B Visas currently residing in the U.S. working in the creative field. We believe this is a valuable piece to our discussions.

A Safe Space to Help Young Asian Creatives Navigate

If you’re feeling lost, unseen, unheard, we are here. EAA’s mission is to create a space where you can learn, discuss, and voice your own experiences. We’re here to listen, if you’d like to join EAA & affiliated projects as a speaker email us

We started with monthly panels...

With 2020 making Zoom calls the daily norm for most, we decided to break in between the average webinars and host EAA, which specifically welcomes Asian & AAPI to the stage to talk about their creative journey + Asian experience.

In 2021 we:

    • Hosted 6+ meaningful 2 hour panels which lead to wonderful future partnerships with Atlanta’s creative community
    • Opened a space for over 100+ audience members
    • Welcomed over 10+ speakers to the EAA roster

But in 2022, we want MORE!


2022 is for new beginnings...

We’d like to personally invite you to our new project under the EAA brand, The Tea House where we bring even more Asian & AAPI creators into the house to talk all things:

    • Creative Work & Journey
    • Asian/AAPI Experience
    • Asian/AAPI Heritage

The Tea House is available with full interview episodes on our YouTube Channel! 

If you are interested in speaking for EAA or The Tea House, please email us!