An Initiative to Empower & Uplift Asian Creatives in America

Often we see in our communities, the push to stay away from creative avenues. Our project will start as bi-monthly discussion panels and skill-based workshops to encourage Asian creatives of America to pursue their creative endeavors.

A Monthly Panel to Engage in Insightful Conversations

We believe that Asians & Asian-Americans collectively create a better America. Through EAA, we push to look past the citizenship and will invite Asian creatives who are refugees, study abroad students, H-1B Visas currently residing in the U.S. working in the creative field. We believe this is a valuable piece to our discussions.

A Safe Space to Help Young Asian Creatives Navigate

If you’re feeling lost, unseen, unheard, we are here. EAA’s mission is to create a space where you can learn, discuss, and voice your own experiences. We’re here to listen.

Desmond Du is a Singaporean Motion Designer based in Atlanta Georgia.

Previously, he worked at WarnerMedia Studios (formerly Turner Studios) doing broadcast motion graphics for brands and networks such as NBA, Turner Classic Movies, E-League, Cartoon Network, Bleach Report, and so on. He is currently pursuing an MFA degree in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art & Design so he can become an educator in the future. He makes AE youtube tutorials on his YouTube channel, NoSleepCreative, as a hobby during his free time. He is passionate about teaching, and he believes his mission is to helping everyone realize their true potential, and transform their design career for the better!

Desmond Du

Motion Designer, Connect with Desmond

Marisa (Ginger) Tontaveetong is a multidisciplinary Creative Director/ Producer with a specialization in digital/animation production and 12+ years of design background with an MFA in Animation and B.Tech in Computer Graphics/ Multimedia.

She is currently the Executive Director of 501c(3) ASIFA-SOUTH International Animation Society-South headquartered in Atlanta. As an Oscar long-listed animated shorts director, she was a filmmaker-in-residence with the Atlanta Film Festival and currently holds an 01B Visa. She works in many capacities for ACM SIGGRAPH as the Early Career Development Chair and as a strategic adviser for the board of directors on the Nurturing communities and Digital Presence committee.

Marisa Tontaveetong

Executive & Creative Director, Connect with Marisa

I currently own and serve as the CEO & Creative Director for Chil & Co. and Chil Studios – A rapidly growing creative agency and its studio subsidiary based out of Atlanta, GA.

We help local and national brands help tell stories in the form of branding, marketing, advertising, and social media content. Our studio is set up to help local creatives find the right resources to execute creative content. I also co-founded which is a community-centric organization that empowers local artists and creatives through the community, collaboration, and a platform that helps generate passive income.

Bhargava Chiluveru

Creative Director, Connect with Bhargava

I hide Dragonballs on mountains around the world! So far I hidden three of them in Seoul, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. One day I will send my future children to go on an adventure to collect them all so they can revive me.

I am a big big foodie!

I got a chance to meet Killer Mike, El-P and Offset this year.

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