An Initiative to Empower & Uplift Asian Creatives in America

Often we see in our communities, the push to stay away from creative avenues. Our project will start as bi-monthly discussion panels to encourage Asian creatives of America to pursue their creative endeavors.

A Monthly Panel to Engage in Insightful Conversations

We believe that Asians & Asian-Americans collectively create a better America. Through EAA, we push to look past the citizenship and will invite Asian creatives who are refugees, study abroad students, H-1B Visas currently residing in the U.S. working in the creative field. We believe this is a valuable piece to our discussions.

A Safe Space to Help Young Asian Creatives Navigate

If you’re feeling lost, unseen, unheard, we are here. EAA’s mission is to create a space where you can learn, discuss, and voice your own experiences. We’re here to listen.

I’m a writer whose mission is to tell my story or elevate the stories of others. I like to create interactive narrative experiences, mostly through video games, but I am open to any creative medium.

I stumbled into my college’s game development club and with no Unity or art experience at the time, decided to pave a way for narrative gaming. I was the first female to even apply to be a team lead in years, and I realized from managing a small team of students how much joy and enthusiasm I have for telling stories. The club previously only showcased shooting and fighting games, and I created a dating simulator about immigrant families, stargazing, and depression. I magnified my game’s scope from a school project to a legitimate indie game, with a Steam page, trailer, and social media.

🎊 Fun Facts

  • I like to write about complex women, complicated familial relationships, love, mental health, hope, and contemporary Asian-American issues.
  • In my free time, I like to go to concerts, roller-skate, and make Spotify playlists for every occasion.
  • My favorite comic is called Hearstopper by Alice Olseman.

This month we’re not only diving into Emily’s venture as a creative, but we’re also talking to her about The Space In Between, a dating simulator game that Emily wrote! TSIB is centered around a Chinese-American girl, love stories, mental health, and the experience of creating constellations and telling YOUR story!


Check out the game, The Space In Between below!

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January 20, 2021 

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