Product Review: The Freelance Kit

Woooo! Although, this isn’t a sponsored post (but feel free to reach out if you want to sponsor us), we thought this was a product that you, our audience, needed to get your hands on! The Freelance Kit (TFK) is not only a uniquely designed kit, but it’s jammed pack with resources for freelancers like you, me, and other TCF members who work the freelance side hustle.

I’m here to break it down, with big thanks to Nikki from TFK for giving me a chance to have a copy of the kit to do this review. She’s also aware of all the notes you’re about to read, good and bad. That’s right! We’re all about transparency here.

First things first, the freelancer kit has a lot of shit… I mean… A. Lot. Of. Good. Shit. If you’ve been in the game for a really long time and need a quick organization toolkit for yourself, TFK’s spreadsheets will definitely do the trick.

The kit comes with several spreadsheets:

Cashflow forecast:

  • Great to organize your cash flow—it has a lot of categories that you can use or edit to your liking/needs.
  • It tracks a variety of items, giving freelancers an overview of spending expenses and needs. That’s attention to detail ya’ll!
  • It’s simply done through Excel (or Google Sheets if you’re not into the Office shebang). The coding and formulas are already in place. You just add your numbers and go!

Despite how helpful this forecast is, I have to say that it can be VERY overwhelming for newbie freelancers. Consider building your own strategic way of keeping track of your expenses (assuming you don’t have that much yet starting off). Learn how to organize for yourself so when you search for kits, you’ll end up building on what works best for you rather than trying to reorganize yourself into a new system.

Client Budget Breakdown:

  • Excellent tool for freelancers who manage a lot of clients at once.
  • Recommended for freelancers who work in the field of marketing/management/pr/social media handling/brand management as well as more artistic/nontraditional fields.
  • Helps you organize what service(s) to provide for which client that week/quarter/month. As a graphic designer, this sheet would come in handy for clients who hire me on a long-term basis with budgets.

Critical Path:

  • Great for freelancers who do a lot of shit for many clients, but can be applied to your own personal needs too!
  • It’s an interactive sheet, so when you finish a task, mark it green. If it’s undone or needs to be done, mark it red! This method is good for visual learners who like tracking and seeing their progress in front of them.

My only negative critique is that you have to really play around with this and adjust to your liking. When you get the sheet initially, it could be overwhelming, and you may feel like learning the system is a waste of time, but you’ll feel so much better and organized once you tweak the sheet to best fit your personal work needs.

For example, I’ll recopy this sheet for each month instead of keeping all the months in one sheet.

So, there’s only excels?

Nope! There’s more! In this kit, there’s an 82-paged PDF with a variety of printables for freelancers to use—everything from simplified finance trackers to four cool coloring pages to help you get away from your hustle.

My Favorites

There’s a premade timesheet-tracker template, invoice template, AND a contract template. Through my years of freelancing, these three are probably my worst enemies just because they took up the bulk of my time. If I had discovered The Freelance Kit before, it would’ve solved all my problems. To say that it’s perfect for every freelancer is a stretch since nothing is perfect, but this kit is pretty darn close.

Overall, here are some things to consider. While I do think The Freelance Kit is great in its own ways because of all the materials available, it could use a little more tweaking to offer more unique options for each freelancer. A graphic designer doesn’t need everything a content strategist needs, vice versa.

Take the time to find out how you work as a freelancer, and then go out to search for kits that best fit your needs.

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