Product Review: Website Troubles? Ask Lorem!

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Whatever hustle you’re in, you probably have a website. If you don’t have one, you’re probably thinking of getting a website. Whichever side you sit on, website maintenance can have a difficult learning curve, consume time, and may overall be hard to keep up with. To solve your problem, we’re offering the product: Ask Lorem.

Ask Lorem offers free sign-up. One point for Ask Lorem!

Ask Lorem promises to be like a 24/7 best friend, specifically for your website. Ask Lorem describes their target customer as a small business owner (perfect for creatives) who may not have that much time on their hands and isn’t as tech savvy.

How Can Ask Lorem Be My Best Friend

Ask Lorem provides you a team of experts in many products that you probably already use for your site or you want to incorporate in the future. After getting the help you need, you pay for the work!

The steps to getting help for your website are simple as:

Chat—Get matched with an Ask Lorem Expert in just a few minutes. Ask for advice or tell them what you want to get done.

Price—It’s free to chat. You’ll get a price quote based on the amount of work you need. Once you approve it, they’ll get started.

Done—They’ll get your feedback along the way as they do the work. You only pay once the job is done, and you’re happy.

Some recognizable apps below: WordPress, Google Search, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Facebook Pages, Stripe, and Hootsuite.

Already convinced that this product will save your ass? Find your expert here!

COOL TIP: For the creatives reading this who have an interest in working in a field of web development and design, you can “become an expert!”

If you’re still hesitant on using, we’ve got your back. We promised you that we will not offer any type of product without dissecting it as much as we can ourselves.

We’ve went through the process of signing up and reached the point where one would request an expert, but we were not able to go farther as TCF currently does not need any website help. We plan to use Ask Lorem as a service in the future and will do a part two of the series to further review Ask Lorem.

Installing and Using

When you first join Ask Lorem, you get a few screen options. We’ve tested Ask Lorem on TWO browser platforms, Safari and Google Chrome.

On Safari, this is your initial screen when signing up:

After signing up, you’ll receive the message that Ask Lorem is built for Google Chrome. We’re not big fans of limiting the usage to only one browser, but Ask Lorem’s extension (which can only be installed on Google Chrome for now) will have its benefits later on.

So, if you were to do the process on Google Chrome instead, this is what you get:

Just to be clear, these are the potential pieces of information that will be shared to Ask Lorem if you install the extension to Google Chrome (you will also get this screen when you add the extension):



Immediately, you’ll get the following screen that shows the “Ask Lorem Button,” which is a very cute button that will appear on the corner of your screen whenever you’re on your signed-up website. We’ll be using The Creative Folks website for the demonstration.

After this screen, we went to The Creative Folks website. There’s the button!

This button only shows up to the user who has the account with Ask Lorem. So no one else can see this buttononly you!

Once you click the button, a chat window pops up and bam! Now find the expert you need!

TCF reached out to hear from those who use Ask Lorem.

According to Virgin’s interview with founders of Ask Lorem, the service acts similarly to sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, or Thumbtack in which you can find freelancers and/or experts on whatever you need for your business. The big difference is Ask Lorem’s specialty is with websites.

We went over to producthunt to see some commentary on Ask Lorem. An overwhelming amount of folks claim that not only are there NO cons to the product, but , Ask Lorem helped their businesses tremendously.

We’ll leave those comments for you to evaluate:  

Overall Review

Ultimately, we believe that no product can be con-less, but at the stage Ask Lorem is in, it’s roomy enough in the market for it to grow. We foresee Ask Lorem expanding into more products that will be useful for all niches and hustles.

In the business perspective, working per project and paying per project will be helpful in keeping business owners sane from different contractors and paperwork, but we can see Ask Lorem opening additional tiers and packages for those who want to invest and keep Ask Lorem for long-term usage rather than per project.

As a creative media, we think Ask Lorem is ideal. Whether you’re tech savvy or not, at some point there will be frustrations on getting the website put together, arranging the content, and CSS… those freakin’ codes (they’re a horror to go through and figure out).

Try out Ask Lorem for yourself, and let us know: Does it really kick off your website and help you when you’re in need? We want to know!


*Editor’s note: The review has been updated with a new screenshot of the Google extension permissions. 7/11/2018.

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1 thought on “Product Review: Website Troubles? Ask Lorem!

  1. Norma says:

    Good review, second that. In my experience as a freelance designer, new platforms have oftentimes an edge over existing ones because I guess they have to try harder. I recently switched to Insolvo which gives me almost half of my clients and totally loved it.


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