Why the Rebrand?

Hey there! 

Welcome (back) to The Creative Folks (TCF)! You’re probably wondering why we went from a bright website to a chic dark website. A few things went underway that past month we closed the site: 

  1. We revamped our cloud logo into a geometric cloud to symbolize our core values as a company. 
  2. We wanted MORE. By that we mean we wanted to provide more than just blogs. We launched a set of services opened for the creatives and creative entrepreneurs here in Atlanta. 
  3. We felt more creative and innovative. So we thought of new ways to give more content. Deets coming soon. 
  4. We thought it was time for people to know about the team behind TCF’s image. We created a team page!

Overall, we saw that TCF had a bigger potential. That’s why we went under rebrand. The rebrand is a symbol of a rebirth while still keeping core concepts. 

We hope that from here, TCF will grow in new ways! 
Thank you for being on this journey with us. 

Let’s hustle. 


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Author: Tammy Huynh

A dog lover that wears a lot of black regardless of the weather and may or may not be obsessed with Pusheen. On an average day, you'll find Tammy either watching YouTube, making jokes, or obsessing over dogs.

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