The Creative Folks: A brand for creatives, by creatives.

Okay, that headline was a bit too cliché.

Hi there! Welcome to The Creative Folks. A brand that is dedicated to bringing you content for you to feed the hustle that you do. If you’re a creative like us, meaning you work, freelance, or make shit happen with (just to name a few):

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Creative Writing
  • Music and Producing
  • Videography
  • Crafting
  • DIY

Then, welcome to the family! Consider this place home. We’re based in Atlanta but we love to talk to artists everywhere, we want to hear your story! Now that we have introductions out of the way, partially, you’re probably asking, ‘what content could I possibly get from this?’

The goal of The Creative Folks is to provide a variety of posts, blogs, and resources that cater to all creatives and their work. We divided our content into four categories and we hope to expand these categories in the future

  1. THE HUSTLE — all things related to creative hustles and business. From pricing techniques to working with different types of clients.
  2. BRANDING — learn from the perspective of creative opportunists all over who developed a brand for themselves, how they brand, and how they plan to expand.
  3. INSPIRATION — whenever you feel stuck, visit this section for tips and tricks to stay creative, how to snazz up your workspace, and what is a workspace.
  4. RELATABLE — almost like a rant thread, read good and bad customer stories, creative disasters, and life lessons here.

There’s no judgement here, everyone has a story, a tip, or a great piece of advice. Ultimately, let’s be a creative collective and work together as a community.


  • Submissions are always welcomed, always read and responded to – send emails to!
  • Contributors who want to participate to write their experiences, tips, and/or techniques will always be reviewed and appreciated!
  • An ambassador program is in the works for creatives who want to be part of The Creative Folks brand.


While it’s important for us to learn more about our hustle and ways to better it, let’s never forget to support one another as a creative community. A Creative Directory is in the works for the brand, but we always want to support aspiring creatives. Thus we aim to promote a creative weekly on our Instagram!

If you’re not a link clicking person, follow @thecreativefolks — see ya on the gram!

Let’s make 2018 our year together and build some awesome shit, I mean… relationships!


Tammy | Founder

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