Using positivity to combat the fear of failure

It’s so common, yet so taboo. The fear of failure in business is such an overwhelming feeling that not only takes over your emotions but your mental too. When The Creative Folks was on verge of launching, everyday we thought about how this blog will fail or won’t work out, this brand won’t be able to launch, and we won’t be able to get anywhere with it because it might not have the unique edge that will make it blow up.

Failure can seen in many lenses. Are you fearing that once you fail, you’ll feel like shit for wasting all this time and money invested into this project? You also been told that “every business will have it’s rough beginning, just keep working on it”? As cliché as it sounds, how else could you really battle this fear?

Whether a creative, a business owner, or both, fear of failure will make you overthink about your choices and then you start to move backwards and chicken out. At the end of the day, there’s just no way to actually prove to yourself “yeah, my idea is going to work” until you see the results of it working, ya know?

Battling the fear of failure is an unknown challenge business owners (new and old) and creatives have to face. On top of that, you’re thinking about the competing businesses which can often knock you off your feet and make you want to throw in the towel right away, because you’re thinking you can’t break the market that already exists and/or you can’t surpass those who have been in this market for a while.

Jacklyn Thomasson, owner of RosieTosies Bows & Boutique, expressed the fear of failure being a concern for her and it was something that the average customer probably doesn’t think about when purchasing from her. While she has an impressive total of 57 sales out of her 19 products, Thomasson does know of the competition around her craft: Bows.

Thomasson’s fear led her to not telling her friends about her brand new boutique when it opened back in 2017. She had to do a lot of external marketing for herself through social media using ads, going to resell pages, and joining groups — regardless of the competition in there.

We as creative business owners should use this positive attitude from her: striving even when odds are against us.

Thomasson believes that competition in your market will help you strategize to make your item more unique. Seeing the competition within these groups has helped her “be more creative than just seeing what’s on Pinterest.” This type of attitude can help you overcome stages of the fear of failure as you are finding new methods to invest into your business, which will motivate you to keep going and see it’s big potential!

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