Upwork Stories: My First Gig Ever!

I don’t think I’ll ever forget my first freelance gig ever on the site Upwork!

For those of you who don’t know UpWork is a platform for creatives just like you: designers, photographers, creative writers, web developers etc. to find freelance gigs that are posted literally every second. (Wow, that sounded like a sponsored blurb, it isn’t – we will always be honest about sponsorships etc.)

I remember applying and thinking to myself what an interesting client.

I applied to a gig by a sex therapist name Rodney Collins. He needed a design for his ebook about PORN ADDICTION. To be honest, I feel so cool when I say it out loud. I helped someone design their ebook about porn addiction. Don’t get me wrong, the inner Sociologist in me saw this as another opportunity to learn. I get to be a part of something that’s inspirational, and Rodney’s purpose behind the program is great.

I remember thanking Rodney SOOO many times for accepting me to do the job as he was my very first gig ever on UpWork! Because of Rodney’s review of me, I was on a roll with getting more and more work through UpWork. (A review makes a lot of the difference you can see).

The feeling of receiving the files and then getting to work on my very first freelance job that’s not the student newspaper was overwhelmingly fun and exciting. There was this  rush of perfection that happened in my heart and mind, because I wanted this first project to be perfect and great. I worked on it so fast, I remember he came back to it with surprise, “Wow, you’re so quick!”

From this point on, I kept a wonderful working relationship with Rodney, oh I forgot to totally mention that he’s from the UK and I’m in the US. That’s the power of the internet people.

We keep in contact now and it’s almost been a year since I met him! I help out with his social media every month and post his podcasts which are available on iTunes! He runs www.phocuslife.com and his work in this field is very inspirational.

Thanks for putting trust upon me Rodney. Because of you and your trust, I’ve become a better freelancer.


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