Meet TCF



With Atlanta's art community being so diverse and big, we want to partner with others on the same mission. We truly believe that partnering through out the city is what fosters and breeds positive and creative communities.


We believe in OHANA. From constructively critiquing to providing unconditional support, we strive to provide for our visitors, event attendees, and team members with a loving attitude.


We're a team committed to professionalism but we always return to our core purpose: creativity, and apply it to everything we do to fulfill our missions and goals in a fun, creative way.


Our involvement with the art community makes us aware of how art can vary per artist. We promise to be open about all art in any format or medium as well as all artists regardless of their identity, skill level, and style.


Tammy Huynh


Darian Mathews

Production Director


Sheena Patel

Branding Director

Cici Wong

Marketing Director

Dayne Francis

Creative Media & Photography

Stash Jones

Lead Editor

Kelly Danh

Lead Food Reviewer

Caitlin Chansy

Lead Food Photographer

Minh Huynh

Co-Host of The Lightning Rod and Contributing Writer

Sierra Poulin

Production Assistant

Dumaine Clarke

Branding Associate

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