The wonder that is the Authortube community

Over the years, YouTube has developed into a massive community where tons of people from all over the globe create content on just about anything, from life hacks such as making a pair of shoes out of glue to applying foundation with a shoe. Ah, the joys of the internet…

One particular community I’m familiarising myself with more and more every day is the authortube community. The name is pretty self explanatory – authors who make YouTube videos!

Authortube is an amazing community where aspiring and published authors create content with the purpose of helping writers. The main style of videos authortubers make are about writing advice, such as ‘How to write fight scenes’ or ‘Ways to improve dialogue’. It’s such a helpful space for writers like myself, but it can also come in handy for non-fiction writers due to the wide variety of videos. You’re certain to find what you’re looking for!

Why is authortube so useful?

Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to include the first ever chapter I wrote of my book back in 2016 and an extract of the chapter I’m working on now to show you how much my writing has improved… but I would rather be sucked into a black hole and save myself the embarrassment.

Watching videos on how to improve certain areas of writing has made a massive difference. I can fully engage in a video, where advice is broken down easier than it may be in a large piece of text. Having someone sit in front of a camera and talk to their audience makes me feel like I’m actually there and it’s a lot more personal. I also consider myself to be more of a visual learner and tend to watch video how-to’s or look at diagrams, so authortube videos are so useful for visual learners like myself! It’s only been recently I’ve actually noticed these changes. I’m able to string sentences together fluidly, write descriptive settings and interesting dialogue thanks to so many of the brilliant content creators within the authortube community!

Realising the realistic

Writing advice aside, authortubers also create videos about their publishing journeys. Writing a book is hard and getting it published is even harder. The process writers go through can be long and full of obstacles, so the videos about the other side to writing are useful for helping aspiring authors realise whether they want to head off on that journey or not!

Some authortubers also discuss the benefits of their publishing route (traditional or self-published).

Traditional VS Self publishing:

Traditional publishing is when an author typically goes through an agent and a publishing company to publish their work. Their books are sold online and also in bookstores.

Self-publishing is when an author decides to publish their work independently. They hire their own editors, cover designers, etc. Their work tends to be sold through Amazon or other online bookstores, but can also be found in independent bookstores.

Again, this is so beneficial for those who are unsure which publishing path they want to take.

My recommendations

So, I’ve talked all about the authortube community. Now I want to share my favourite authortubers with you!

Jenna Moreci

Jenna is a self published author and a massive hit in the authortube world. She is the author of ‘EVE: The Awakening’ (2015) and the highly anticipated adult fantasy ‘The Saviors Champion’ (2018). She gives advice on all sorts of writing topics, including things she’s learned from her own experiences to diversity within fiction. Jenna is witty, intelligent and I’m incredibly excited to read ‘The Saviors Champion’!

Watch her videos here.


Vivien Reis

Vivien is the author of ‘The Elysian Prophecy’ (2018). It’s my current read and I’m loving it so far! Vivien uploads writing advice videos, but also focuses on other areas such as motivation for success and how to write with a full-time job. Vivien is an amazing content creator and has clearly worked hard on her debut novel, considering how fun and interesting it is!

Watch her videos here.


Kristen Martin

To put it simply, Kristen is a total girl boss. As a self published author (an Amazon Bestseller, at that!), she is also a writing coach, podcaster and entrepreneur. She is the author of ‘The Alpha Drive’ trilogy and ‘Shadow Crown’ (2017), but also has a self help book which is being released in May! Her videos are all about finding success as a writer. She provides so much useful advice that has motivated me so much since watching her videos.

Watch her videos here.

These three women have been a massive help to my writing journey. I don’t think I’d be at the point I am right now if I hadn’t stumbled across their videos! If you’re a writer like me, or you’re looking for some motivation, I highly suggest checking them out.

There you have it: a brief introduction to the authortube community. I’m so excited to watch this community grow, I think it’s amazing how helpful these videos are, not just to writers but any sort of creative person. It’s so nice to have people to turn to for advice and tips, and thanks to the internet, we’re all able to have that  opportunity!

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