The importance of parental support in business

Some may argue, that parental support in business is not that important but I beg to differ. My parents’ support for me within business, my four years of college, and up until now has been my backbone. Without that support, I’d be lost.

Just a disclaimer, my dad passed away October 2016, but until this day I still refer to his presence as if he’s still here. So when I say parents, yes I mean both of them.

I have a very close relationship with my mom

I relied on my mom for a lot of support because she understood the American life a lot more than my dad, who was very traditional. My dad was more of a man who believed that teens shouldn’t work. I was literally scolded every other night, because of my retail job ending so late.

It wasn’t that he didn’t love me or he didn’t want me to do well. It was because he loved me and wanted me to do well which made him so strict on everything I did throughout college. If I had not chose the college I went to, who knows what would I be doing now. Conforming to what my parents wanted to see out of me or doing what I see myself doing?

My mom’s support in my business avenues

My mom taught me an idea that I would instill into my future self as a mother.

As a parent, you can give your child:

  • The newest gadgets
  • The best education/providing for their education
  • Pay their portion of the bills
  • Connect them to your connections

But none of this will guarantee that your child will be set out to do all the things you’ve set up for them. I remember my mom would always tell my dad, “If she (me) drops out of school, doesn’t want to do it anymore, and ends up freeloading off of us for the rest of her life, what are we going to do about it?”

Of course, he’d be pissed and didn’t want to listen to that nonsense, but that’s what made me appreciate my mom. She had this understanding that a lot of things, relative to me, was out of her control as a mother.

She provided me nearly everything on that list and more. She gave me this type of freedom that made me think for myself. This really helped me learned more about me actually.

  • I had to learn how to organize my life.
  • I was able to plan things in advance.
  • I learned how to manage my time.
  • I understood the value of money.
  • I opened a savings.

She basically taught me the things I never learned in high school. I could never be ungrateful toward her.

My dad moved in silence

Though my dad was not as supportive, but that was the nature of Vietnamese dads. He wasn’t a shit bag, he was just not use to that kind of atmosphere. He taught me a lot in his own silence.

  • He was often stressed about things we didn’t know about — so that taught me to learn how to talk out my problems with close ones. Find help if I really needed it.
  • He worked really hard (even if my mom did too) because he loved his job — this inspired me to be the workaholic I am. I loved most jobs I got into. I worked hard to network and find good connections.
  • He taught me family values. A lot of us say, “family first” or “family over ____” but how many of us really feel that way. Even when things fall out and bad shit goes down, are you still there? He instilled family values in me that I want to keep with me for the rest of my life.

His passing was every reason I ever had combined, to make sure I become successful.

In the end, valuing your family, especially your parents can do you wonders. I can’t speak for every person. Some parents out there weren’t ready to be parents and that has caused a spin on their kids’ lives. Though I was fortunate, but I see good in a lot of parents.

They may be nagging you all the time, but it’s for your own good. If they support your business avenues, then keep hustling.



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