Student by day, writer by night

With a lot of creative professions, you’ll find that people tend to have a day job that could be completely unrelated to their true passion, and they create on the side. This is completely normal and common. Everyone has to start somewhere and the only way you’ll even get started is if you work on your passion on the side.

That’s exactly what I’m doing right now. Okay, so I’m not in a full time job. But I’m a full time student with a part time job… and I’m writing a book.

… I guess you could compare me to Hannah Montana.

So how do I manage my double life?

Make The Time!

It’s pretty self explanatory. I’ve brushed upon this in a previous post, but you have to make the time to work on your craft, even if it means spending a couple hours on it after a long day at work or school.

Lately, I’ve found myself feeling exhausted when I get home and I’ll be honest, there’s some days where I’ve felt too drained to work on my book. But the majority of the time I’ll make myself a cup of coffee, grab my laptop and notebook, and stop feeling sorry for myself.

For example, I began writing for one or two hours a night. You can start your routine the same way. You’ll find yourself making progress with your work and taking it a lot more seriously if you make a routine out of it.

For me, writing routines help mey stay balanced with the real world and my fictional one, because it’s easy to lose focus of other things in your life.

Knowing When To Take A Step Back

While it’s amazing to work hard on your passion, it’s really important to know when to put other priorities first. This is a problem I have recently struggled with. I was so obsessed with all things to do with my book that all I wanted to do when I got home was write, write, write. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to feel that way and I was so proud of myself for the progress I made! But I had deadlines coming up and a show to rehearse for. I needed to take a breather.

Take it from me—I’m training in a profession I won’t be pursuing once my course is over. So who can blame me for wanting to work harder on the thing I love doing the most?

Don’t Lose Sight Of Other Important Things In Your Life

I always want to produce my best work (who doesn’t?) and I always aim high, so when I realised I was losing the balance between being a student and a writer, it really shocked me. I solved the problem by making sure that I used my spare time to catch up on any of my outstanding work before writing. That way, I get the work done and also get to do something I enjoy afterwards. It’s like a reward!

Work hard at your passion, but don’t risk your education or your job unless it’s absolutely necessary. Ideally, you’re in no rush to write your book, so don’t drop everything else to do so. It seems like a great idea, sitting in coffee shops all day and writing full time. But realistically, you might find yourself struggling financially, especially if you aren’t published.

Overall, having a dream and chasing it is really important, but so are other aspects of your life. Do whatever works for you to keep the balance, whether it be creating a writing schedule or practising a routine that you stick to. Putting an equal amount of dedication into each part of your life is so rewarding, short and long term.

Are there any other ways you manage your work/school life as well as your creative one? Let us know!

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