Spread some love, make a child’s day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we’re sharing love to our family, friends, significant other, soulmates, or ourselves — let’s not forget about those who are not. A friend shared this really thoughtful way to effortlessly make someone feel happy and loved. So let’s share some love together, to a child at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital by crafting an online valentine.

Cincinnati Children’s promises to deliver your card to a patient and it really only takes thirty seconds. Here at The Creative Folks, while we love to make art to inspire and make others happy, this is a great opportunity to make a kid happy using art, even if it’s not our art.

Go to Cincinnati Children’s website and it’s on your screen’s right hand side. You’ll see ‘crafting an online valentine’, click, and then you’re on your way to helping a kid!

Fill out the necessary information and choose your valentine.

I went with the bear because look at him (the other two are just as cute, I just like bears)


Click submit and you’re ready to go.

I had to jump on to write this post immediately the minute I found out. While love may be a cheesy concept to some of us, but it will make you feel good when you can pass it onto someone else. Making a kid feel brighter just over a small act like this, it’s worth it!

Thanks you so much if you took the time to do this hustlers.
Keep on hustlin and lovin. 



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