Single motherhood in style

Some claim, they’ve met seen Jesus. So have I, Thrift Jesus —  at least, that’s what she goes by. Thrift, for short, is a stylist. A mother. A woman that does it all. Thrift’s story took me by surprise when I sat down with her. Someone so young had the world against her, but she’s out in the streets of Atlanta with a unique hustle as a stylist, and a pinch of a twist.

Thrift, if you haven’t guess by her title has an eye for clothing in thrift stores. Just check out that Instagram, you’ll know what I mean. It wasn’t always this way though, she actually started off as a musician and always styled her team. She says that, “I still always loved fashion even if [my] music [career] died out.”

The idea behind Thrift Jesus actually started off as a hobby to keep her busy while she was like a lot of us, working her everyday job. Now it’s not only her branded hashtag #blessedbythrift but she believes her work is “giving life to thrift” or “making something old, new again”. That’s how you know Thrift didn’t go against her passion, she made room for it to work for her needs. “When you have a passion and gift, you need to follow [it]. You’ll lose it if you don’t use it in time,” Thrift said when asked about her thoughts on diving into her creative work. Little did she know that styling would be her ultimate brand, hustle, and inspiration for kid.

The Hustle: Styling

If you think that styling isn’t anything as big of a deal. Well it is. Thrift does a base price of $100.00 USD and potentially racking it up with $75.00 USD per look, shit adds up basically if you want to look good. “Styling is an investment to help you develop your brand,” Thrift says. It’s almost like investing into marketing. Without it, what is your brand presence?

Thrift works as a freelance stylist and that’s her preference versus working as a stylist for another company. She says that this is her way to meet a lot of people independently, and this freedom gives her credibility as an individual which helps her build her brand.

Thrift’s work deserves credit. Her referrals are there to prove her hard work. Thrift’s tip to get a good referral is to deliver well, and make good energy while working together. “[I do] little things like bring an extra jacket,” she says. It shows that she really cares about her client’s overall look, even if that ideally would have costed a bit extra as an additional item. Her goal is to deliver aesthetic and quality.

Though, she sounds like she’s one woman who does everything by herself she wants to collaborate. She wants to find new people to expand her field of work for example. TheSocietyStudios is one of her closest collaborations.

Single motherhood

As mentioned, Thrift is a mother, to a cutie pie who’s 8 years old! Thrift Jesus Jr. everyone! He really

Photo from IG: @thethriftjesus

embraces his mom’s confident essence in pictures, just look at him. He knoooows that he’s got it going on! Through our conversation, I can tell that Thrift loves him just as much as the next mother to love their kids. The bond that they share, I heard it through her voice.

Thrift Jesus Jr. follows his mom everywhere. Thrift occasionally has to bring him to photoshoots too. In the mist, I asked Thrift if she had hardships in the job of styling that may not be known to her fans and followers. She said for sure single motherhood and balancing all she has to do as a mom and as an entrepreneur, but she tells herself that there are “no excuses”. She wants to inspire other moms to keep working toward their dreams, by using their kids as their motivations just like she does.

Thrift plans to expand into children clothing and styling, going for retro looks.

Future of Thrift Jesus

Photo from IG: @thethriftjesus

Aside from expansion, she of course wants to do what she can now for herself and her son. “People like to put you in a box and tell you what you can and can’t do, because they’re afraid they can’t [surpass] you,” she says when we talked about her other motivations to open and run Thrift Jesus. Ideally she picks up inspiration from environment and people. She loves people watching and reading magazines. These things help her stay creative to create more looks, style more people, and build a strong support system for her son.

Best of luck to you Thrift!




Just an F.Y.I — I’m posting this the day before Thrift’s birthday! Please go wish Thrift a happy birthday if you get the chance. Let’s keep prospering together.

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