Project: Creative Waves

June 1st, 2018

This marks our 6-month anniversary TCF's launch and it has been more than an awesome experience to be a part of the art culture here in Atlanta. Through the past 6 months, we've learned as lot as a team and the art community in Atlanta, so we're making it a big deal by launching our first, of many, campaign.

The campaign will be active on our Instagram, so make sure you follow us on there for refreshing content: @thecreativefolks


Why Now?

We have been active all 6 months to write and research the resources we put onto the site, find new artists to introduce to our readers, and network with other creative entrepreneurs to build even bigger opportunities for Atlanta, but our work doesn't stop there—even if it's Summer break.

So, we titled this campaign #projectcreativewaves, dedicated to Summer vibes and the art making process

Pieces of the Project

Regardless if you're on the beach or comfortably in your studio, it's the perfect time to "catch creative waves." With the help of our Production & Swag Director, Darian Mathews, here's what we've been working on internally as a team to develop our brand:

  • New BRANDED art pieces.
  • Branded SWWWAAG.
  • A new initiative to highlight & connect Atlanta Artists!

New Arts

We're pretty sure you sometimes feel the need to distract yourself, work on something new, or just need a cool piece of art for inspiration, we'll provide both either way! We have a piece called 'Brain on Acid' that comes as a color-in (black and white) or a colored-in (color). Exclusively found ONLY at our art show appearances! Stay tuned on our Instagram for those dates.


Building Brand

Bumzler, our team mascot, is a figure that we're trying to incorporate into all our branded materials. We have "Summer-fied" Bumzler and it's ready to be on the new branded collateral—exclusive for art shows as well. T-shirts, buttons, prints, marketing pieces, you name it. Keep bummin' this Summer, Bumzler!

Artist Roundup Series

Our mission is to serve, that’s why we created the Artist Roundup Series to highlight the hidden gems of Atlanta’s art community. If you know of a local Atlanta creative (or you are one yourself) whether they: make art, sell art, run a gallery, or make impact for the creative community, it doesn’t matter—we want to know! Simply nominate that Atlanta creative here and our team will review the nomination and if they’re a fit, we’ll set up an interview with them.