Artist Roundup: Glorious Moments in the Making

This week we introduce: Glorious Moments Photography. A husband (Justin) and wife (Glorianna) photography team based in Atlanta, GA. Specialized in Authentic Wedding, Intimate Event, and Elopement Photography. How did you start doing what you’re doing? I have always loved photography since I was a little, but I never thought that this would be real […]

From brainstorm to bathtime, Atlanta-based Handcrafted Soap Maker Shares the Art of Soap Making

Sudsing up is more than just a way to clean one’s self for some. And of all people, Brittany Williams-McNair, owner of The Body Cove, get’s that. Williams-McNair started creating bath products and soaps out of boredom in but quickly realized that making bars of soap meant something more to her. Now, with just over […]