Can’t We Just All Just Be Professional?!

Artists are stereotypically free spirits.  And free-spiritedness is in total opposition with professionalism.  Free spirits have their own clocks, their own special way of doing things, their own distinct appearance.  Free spirits are what drives the beauty of the creative arena. But too much of a good thing is unbalanced.  I love art as a […]

“What if…?” The question that haunts us all

“What if…?” At several stages during our lives, we’ve all asked ourselves one question. This question is often followed by an unhealthy amount of stress, panic, and worry. This question can also send us off into a daydream in which we become billionaires and spend our days watching films in our home theatre as our […]

Positively Deal With Failure

Blood, sweat, tears.  Creative careers are the most difficult in the world.  As artists, we put all of ourselves into our work. We’re constantly thinking about work, we’re putting in overtime, we’re mulling over the details, we’re reworking compositions.   We build from scratch, we inspire, we make something out of nothing, we make ugly […]