Mom vs. Hustle: Trying to find that balance

Who out there has both their business and personal life in check and on balance?

Kristen Phelps runs Fishy Face Creations full time while being a stay at home mom. One of the biggest challenges she expressed is finding the balance to work and to be a great mom (we sure you are Kristen!)


Phelps is married and is thankful that she has a lovely husband around who not only works to support the household but also her crafting. Though sometimes she does see that her products sell only enough to make back an amount to purchase more supplies, this doesn’t stop her though from striving.

Photo by Kristen Phelps

Currently, Fishy Face Creations can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. The Etsy store has a total of 95 listings and Phelps has noted that she’s potentially adding more bows for boys soon  — be on the lookout moms! If you didn’t realize, that’s a WHOLE LOT of listings.

To be honest, I don’t have that type of patience, it’s almost 100 different crafts made or in the making, plus being a stay at home mom? How does she do it?

“I run on the treadmill and think of new crafts,” Phelps said. She also expressed that going to the gym (when she’s not handling the kids) keeps her happy and creative, must be the blood flow mixing with creative juices!

There are plenty of small or short activities that could probably freshen you up for your next creative project, even if you don’t go to the gym.

  • Jog around the neighborhood with a friend, the kids, or your dog! Duh!
  • Get out of the house, leave your creative space and go somewhere spontaneous like the zoo.
  • Get the chores done. It’s about time to get that week’s worth of laundry just sitting in the corner of your room done. 

While the treadmill might be nice, Phelps finds a lot of inspiration from her kids. She often thinks about what she would like to see her kids wear and every now and then she looks up on Etsy and Pinterest to find different ideas that she hasn’t tried.

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