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Disclaimer: This post was written as a guest post with Foster Digital Marketing. Guest posts help TCF and our partnering guest posters learn each other’s fields, advertise, and market to new audiences. 

Investing in a marketing agency is essential for any business. Marketing your business gives it an opportunity to measure your company’s success, get more business, and overall build a long-lasting company. With the field changing and adding new components as time goes on, how do businesses and brands market outside of the box?

By investing in a creative strategy! When you invest in a marketing agencylike Foster Digital, for instancethey will create business and brand guidelines, map out a plan or series of goals to propel your business forward, and promote brand consistency. This process will cover marketing both strategically and creatively while setting an overall relatable tone for your business.

Why a creative strategy?

The field’s evolving is partially discouraging, because strategies and trends will also change and could additionally develop problems for businesses. If there isn’t a proper set of guidelines in place, it can create a sense of miscommunication among competitive brands which are already working on adopting new trends. Thus, building a creative strategy through an agency like Foster Digital is advantageous. Foster Digital will tailor your strategies to best fit your business by using a team of copywriters, art, and/or creative directors to help push your marketing campaign(s) to new, refreshing heights which cater to your audience.

Communication is key

Like any strategy, the process from planning to implementing isn’t easy. To start with planning and building your creative strategies, it is important to realize that your creative strategies should be clear and focused on your message as a business. Consider some questions like:

  1. What is the story of my business?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. What are my customers looking for?
  4. What am I trying to communicate?

The overall goal is to create marketing campaigns, advertisements, or collaterals that will communicate to your audience effectively but creatively in order to stand out. In the planning process, consider your long-term and short-term goals that you have as a company.

You must consider: what kind of events you plan on hosting, where you see the company heading within the next few years or months, how do you see the company expanding, and how expansion will affect your business goals and direction.

Now put it all together

Discussing your goals, missions, and messages and how to portray them are a big part of the planning and implementation. Think about it, though, how many companies are taking the same steps you are? Take your strategy. Get personal and creative with it:

What makes an ad appealing to me?

  1. How can I make this campaign more interactive with its audience?
  2. What are some ideas that were thrown out earlier? (Just because you threw out an idea, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a revisit!)
  3. How are others in the same niche doing their campaigns?
  4. How are others NOT in the same niche doing theirs? Why do they work?

You wouldn’t market your flower shop to an audience that isn’t into gardening, but going out beyond your own niche could open up new ideas for you.


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