Efficiency tip for your inbox: Multi-emails

Do you currently have over 5, 10, 100, 1,000 emails unopened in your inbox? If you’re not a big fan of organization, this might make you turn into one, specifically for your emails though. Time to clean those inboxes!

One of the biggest things I HATE seeing on my phone the most is the notifications for my emails being anything over 10. I already start itching when it’s at 5. Okay, so maybe I’m just extra clean and organized about it but seriously, how do people have over 30K unread emails.

I’m sure it’s just spam, junk, newsletters etc. but if it doesn’t irk you to see 30K unread, we’d have to fight. J U S T  K I D D I N G !

It’s totally a preference, but if you’d like to get organized or just want to take some steps in organizing your emails I recommend opening more than one account. Yes, I know that going through the process of putting in your name, your desired email, phone number and such is WAYYYYY TOO MUCH WORK.

It’ll make you feel good though, once you clean out your inbox. To be really honest, if you’re racking up 30K unreads, do you really need those emails? Just delete ‘em…

I have a total 4 emails and they’re listed in order of importance, most checked to least checked as well as how many emails I typically let sit unread until I feel the urge to do something about it.

  1. My personal email —  I used for bills, accounts, and such the more important shit. (0 emails unread)
  2. My second personal — is more opened to be used for newsletters of brands I like to follow, when I order clothes or anything on Amazon, or other small things. (0 emails unread)
  3. My business RESOURCES email — I literally use to sign up on resources that I think would be beneficial for my businesses: newsletters and podcasts. (3 emails unread max)
  4. My JUNK email — like it sounds, for junk. It’s used for when I want to sign up for that “60% off code, if you enter your email” type of jazz. Something that I know I won’t miss if I never visit that site again. (…. unread)

Why you should organize

This may see extra as fuck, it probably is to most of you, but ya girl doesn’t have 30K unread messages though.

This method just really helped me pull a lot of organization together in my life. I’m not trying to find my bank statement inside these Forever21 newsletters (they send one literally everyday it seems like). I’m also not trying to find something about my car insurance inside this pool of “Are you Tammy Huynh. I have a request for you.” Yeah avoid those. Don’t even click. Delete. I blame the 60% off codes.

You’ll feel better too when you find something that organizes it all for you. I use an app called SPARK. I have it both on my phone and computer — I’m telling you, it has done wonders for me in terms of monitoring each email I have.

This isn’t an affiliated ad (we will always let you know at the beginning of the post), Spark is FREE and is AWESOME to use. Yaaaas.

You can add as many email accounts you want, the only con? Each device you have to log in each email account over and over. So, it doesn’t sync accounts per device, only syncs mail. I finish a lot of shit in a short amount of time and it eliminates me having to open a bunch of different email tabs.

Spark also has a cool smart inbox feature that makes mass deleting so easy.

Smart inbox, uses it’s smart-ways… to organize all emails in all of your accounts into categories: Newsletters, Personal, etc. You can do an easy motion of swiping right and it deletes all the emails in that folder. A better-ly explained video is available on their site if you want to check it out. 


Getcha-self organized.



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