Why I decided to do freelance part-time, and corporate full-time

If you’re considering moving into freelance, well then you’re in luck because it’s a great way for you to learn your field and grow into a business owner. Freelancing has helped me understand so many different realms of business and how to manage my business. Moving into freelance helped socially too because I used to be a really awkward turtle.

But I think I took an interesting route that a lot of people didn’t see the purpose of. I honestly do like my job in the corporate world. For only a few reasons, it really became the winning choice out of the two: Corporate versus Freelance


At this time of this decision, I was near graduating college. About two more semesters to go and I’m out of here. Everyone’s dream was to work a full-time job after they graduate, you can say that was mine too. During this time, it was way before TCF’s existence, but it didn’t mean I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I always had this idea about myself that I wasn’t going to work one job the rest of my life like my parents, probably yours too. Now doing what, I didn’t know.

Working my corporate job, I was a Graphic Designer/Consultant for a technical university in Atlanta. The pay won me over in terms of stability. It paid for what I needed and with a bit left over to help me get rolling with savings. This was something my freelancing career couldn’t do for me.

The projects

For sure, I think a lot of artists struggle with finding the inspiration to keep working on projects. Working at this university helped me broaden my design skills. I was working on making postcards, large banners, bus signs, and even tapped into helping with their social media and doing research.

It gave me enough variety to stay creative. Though the deadlines never changed from freelance to corporate, it’s still a lot of shit to do in short amounts of time.

But what was cool about my job,I saw my designs get implemented. I had soooo many brain farts, because some days — dried out of ideas. I had to think and think on ways to appeal to students. Good thing that I was a student at the time. I had a genuine perspective as a student to MARKET to students.


I worked with one person directly and I loved that. Working at my other jobs and internships within the design field was horrendous because everyone thought they were a designer. They also thought that they had better designs too. I worked with one person directly who understood my workflow, my schedule, my timing, and handled the rest of communications for me. While in freelance, I was worked with too many different voices. This made it hard for me to really get concepts done.

Occasionally, I had to speak to one or two other people about a project but that wasn’t going to kill me. I also had instances where I saw new faces every single day at work. I didn’t know who was considered staff or who’s who anymore. Yeah, I had a rough time.

Yup, those three things helped solidify where I wanted to be at. Of course, I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss the more flexibility and freedom that comes with a freelancer but I really didn’t mind driving to the office 3 times a week to do some work. (other 2 days were class days). I worked about 15 hours a week, and made good money within the time.

They treated me well and entrusted their newest office newbie (me) with an iPad Pro. Like the trust in me was unbelievable and it made me feel like this is where I wanted to be.

So in combination there were a lot of feelings involved. I felt sentimental because it was a place I really dedicated my time into, so I didn’t want to give up halfway. The other half though, I saw my potential there. This university has given me a new range of experience, skills, and ideals on how I want to run TCF and how to treat people too.

It was too hard to give up.
Do any of you all work part-time creative work, full-time somewhere else?




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