Collaborative marketing to build your brand

Kristen Phelps is the owner of Fishy Face Creations, a cute online boutique dedicated to making accessories for girls and boys which is perfect for any little one’s birthday. In fact, that’s how Phelps started!

Aside from being the awesome mom that she is who happens to run a cute Etsy boutique, Phelps of course wants to be bigger.

Phelps plans to expand business, I mean…who wouldn’t when you’re sitting on a potential money maker? She’s currently supplied inside a little boutique out in Boston called 4GoodVibes and plans to expand into other local boutiques and then move onto bigger ones.

She’s already on a good foot because she’s collaborating with locals, the process of collaborative marketing. When your brand collaborates with other brands you should be looking for these things in the other brand:

  • Similar interests and audiences
  • Like-minded teams
  • They have resources you don’t have, but need.

The purpose of collaborative marketing is to not only collaborate but ideally generate a presence for both your brand and other brands involved and in the process you’re also sharing resources. Another brand would be willing to collaborate if you too have some type of resource – whether its a larger audience, a bigger team to push a project, or a bigger social media presence – that they are also in need of, so think of it as an exchange.

Unfortunately, I’ve met business people who, and I’ve committed this crime myself actually, think that they can expand their business big and nationally even though it was only day two of the “business” and by this I mean it was still in it’s “idea stage”. My advice is to start smaller, especially if your work is something personal and handmade like at Fishy Face Creations. Keep it locally marketed.

Collaborating with locals, no matter your field is great because:

  • You get your name out locally, which is easily reachable compared to trying to sell your creative work to some venue across the nation. You might not receive a response honestly.
  • You get to learn from people who are around you, not some internet guru that’s trying to get you to buy their $100.00 course on how to expand business.
  • You get to build and maintain some sense of community. By the time you promoted so much locally, people will start to recognize you for your work! That’s organic!

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4 thoughts on “Collaborative marketing to build your brand

  1. Tiffany says:

    This is so incredibly true. I’ve definitly seen this first hand with several of my friends who have launched their own businesses. Utilize your common ground with other local businesses expands your market so fast!

  2. Briana says:

    This is so helpful! I’m currently trying to branch out and it can be so scary! These tips are so helpful!

  3. Elise@Belle Meets World says:

    I 100% agree with your suggestion to collaborate with locals, especially in your blogging community. It has been such a source of finding community (and even friends) for me! Great blog – so glad I found you!


  4. Leigh Gradwell says:

    Collaborating is literally the theme of my March Schedule and my goal for the rest of the year! I did one and got such great feedback and some new followers. PLUS, interacted with like-minded people. It was a win-win! This is really going to be a huge focus going forward so we can grow a supportive blogging community with our locals! And maybe one day, within the whole blogging community!


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