Can’t be last minute with these gifts!

Ahh, the lovey dovey time of the year has arrived — Valentine’s Day!

If you’re single or live with your pets, no worries we’re not excluding you. Valentine’s Day is a day of love so, even if you don’t have a significant other, you can love your parents, your siblings, your best friends since high school, your pets, and of course love yourself.

We took the time to find a group of crafters on Etsy, a digital selling platform dedicated to hand-crafters and DIY-ers all over, so that you can splurge and get your loved one, or yaself, a couple of cute crafts *winks*  

Psst… we also had the chance to sit down with each of these crafters to talk about their creative process, work, and business as either full time moms to entrepreneurs, just know you’re about to see a bunch of boss babes and boss mommies!


For the little ones named and not named Margot
We’ll start off with a classic, custom printed clothing! Just look how cute and small clothing can be, perfect for the little ones on that family Valentine’s Day photoshoot, if you’re into that kind of stuff. While you’re at it, Kristen Phelps will throw in a cute headband! Not just for the little girls though, Phelps shared that she is soon adding more boy accessories.






Put a bow on it – a pink bow!
This pink bow will probably make a lot of craft lovers, pink lovers, and pink craft lovers scream from joy because of it’s cuteness (I mean, that’s why we chose this photo, it was just too cute). Though, Etsy seems to be overloaded with bows, but RosyToesies has some of the cutest! Owner of the boutique, Jacklyn Thomasson shared with us her experience dealing with competition for her craft and how she had a fear of that her shop wouldn’t do well and fail — no worries Jacklyn, you’re doing great!



These are more than purrr-etty
PushyPushyUpDownGo is currently featuring a new line of Valentine’s Day cards inspired by one of the owner’s cats, Fester. It’s a continuation of a series Megan Correnti made of Fester and his Christmas shenanigans, talk about creative. Correnti shared with us that she would love her character of Fester to one day be the next TokiDoki!
Bonus: Check out Fester posing with his cards. How PAW-SOME!


For the aesthetics
Molly Sarby told us an interesting story that sparked her creative career. She started off trying to go against her inner artist by attempting to work a corporate job but guess where she is now. She’s a full-time wedding photographer and a part-time designer with prints! Her prints are so clean you could really get one for yourself and hang it up. The “Love Card” she has up in her shop along with her other prints is something we’d hang up just to spread the love — yaaaaasss!




Never fear hot drinks again
Lyndsey Nesbitt approached with a unique, loving, and warm craft: Cozies! Just look how cute they are. Perfect to gift for that coffee and/or tea addict or for yourself when you’re sippin’ on some early morning caffeine to energize your creative day. Nesbitt actually started crafting at 11 years old and is a self-taught, talk about boss babe!







Order soon, for a significant other, a friend, or for yourself. Share some love!
Keep hustling hustlers! 

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