Breaking the Boundaries of Fashion in Atlanta

How many of us imagined ourselves on the runway at a young age even though our passions were not in the field of fashion? Christina Yother took it a step further and saw her work on the runway instead. Yother is a graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Atlanta campus, a school she knew she wanted to go to, with an affinity toward learning fashion design.

Yother has always been into creative stuff like drawing. At a young age, her grandma helped her sew a dress for her to match with her doll. This then sparked her interest in dolls and dressing them up.

The Business

Yother works hard in building herself as a brand while she was a student. She planned on working a few jobs for a year to get more into the industry, a great way to learn her field. Instead of moving to New York, one of the fashion capitals of the world, Yother actually would like to stay in Atlantanot only because of costs but because of the hiking trails, where she grabs some of her inspiration and uses as a chance to relax and de-stress.

Yother currently works part-time. She’s made a couple custom items for clients and is slowly opening her business and brand. She wants to step into a luxury, but not particularly high-end market. “I want to be [something like] Ulla Johnson, [because] she has a feminine style with a sport aspect,” Yother said. Most of Yother’s pieces are flowy dresses with patterns carefully made for each piece. Ideally, Yother plans to have her clothes made and sold to stores.

When asked about preference, Yother wants to stick to women’s clothing, “it’s my personal style,” she said as she also expressed her inexperience in working with men’s clothing and sizing. “I also want to expand into accessories [eventually, too].”

Breaking the Industry

While no industry is easy to break, fashion can be a particularly harder one, because of what it takes. “It’s a hard industry to get into, [because] there’s a lot of people who want to get into it,” Yother says. “[you] have to be good at a lot of different things like [identifying] garment [combinations] and pattern making, not just design.”

Bonus tip: “garment combinations” include knowledge of ‘stylizing’ clothing pieces with colors and textures.

Despite how hard it could be, Yother believes she has a chance of breaking into the industry as SCAD professors are helping her a lot. She believes that art school helps give you a better advantage in your field. Her start on Instagram has also helped her “step into the right direction.” She depends on the platform as a marketing tool. (That’s how we found her!)

On top of this, what keeps Yother motivated to break into the industry is to continuously visualize her designs and new ideas. She imagines her designs coming to life which inspires her to physically create them. She often goes to a lot of fabric stores to seek ideas and styles she likes.

Yother’s efforts prove that she’s a real hustler. At the end of the day, her Instagram is filled with her designs which she creates happily, despite all the hard work.

This is something we’d like to remind all creatives: your craft should be so important to you, you’d invest long hours, find motivation consistently, and take on new tools to help you build your brand.

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