Saaaay what? Brand mascot?

Here’s some advice and the process of deciding on The Creative Folk’s alternative logo. Introducing the brand mascot, the alternative logo, the brain (literally) behind The Creative Folks: Bumzler!

I worked with a great comic artist, Darian Mathews to create Bumzler. I thought it out for days before making it into an actual thing, to the point I was second guessing myself and stressing about whether or not I really want this alternative logo. Why you may ask?

What is an alternative logo?

As a graphic designer, my clients receive alternative logos all the time in my packages. The alternative logo is a logo that may not be exactly your primary company logo but the look, feel, and vibe is there for someone to recognize that’s you.

For example, McDonald’s classic red background with the french fry yellow M arc. From miles, if you saw JUST the arc, you know it’s McDonalds. Needless to say if you saw an ad with the original red background and yellow M arc, you would still know it’s a McDonald’s ad.

So I thought, how about an alternative logo for TCF?

There was a lingering thought throughout thinking of this alternative logo. Creating another logo could lead to confusion among readers, people I would collaborate with in the future, or any other audiences that I may come in contact with through social media. This is something you should consider when creating an alternative.

Make sure your alternative logo:

  • Connects and is in line with your brand (connect the colors and style)
  • Will be consistently used alongside with your primary logo to avoid big confusion
  • Is simple and doesn’t over power your primary.

Then I thought… Though the McDonald’s yellow arc is iconic, Ronald McDonald the clown, is well associated with McDonald’s. The Walmart near my house use to have a statue of him where you can sit on the bench and take pictures with him. He’s easily recognizable and it’s a simple figure, a clown.

With that, Bumzler was born to be alongside with the brand as a mascot as well as be a representation of the brand. Bumzler will be our icon for business and swag.

Don’t become bogged over an alternative logo though, it’s not always necessary. I always suggest my clients who are small and new, that one logo is great to build up the brand image. Adjusting over time or doing a complete rebrand, and then adding an alternative wouldn’t be too late for the brand, either.

Why the name Bumzler?

To be completely honest, my sister thought of the name. There’s no real origin of the name, we just thought of me as an artist — sometimes, I can be bum. I don’t always dress professional, I sometimes do work in sweatpants and a hoodie, but I make shit happen with design — I still earn a living off my work and that’s what matters!

For sure though, I think one of the biggest things that I wanted out of the TCF mascot was that just to be a cool one. It doesn’t need to be fancy shmancy, because that’s not what TCF is. So, I totes dig how Bumzler looks, it’s a versatile image that can be in black and white or color and will look awesome on swag.

Psst. TCF x Bumzler swag coming soon.

Any readers have alternate logos? Why or why not and what’s stopping you from getting one?



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