Is this the best business idea?

Kristen Phelps is the owner of Fishy Face Creations, a cute online boutique business dedicated to making crafts for girls and boys which is perfect for any little one’s birthday. In fact, that’s how Phelps’ business started!

Phelps was on a Etsy venture, in attempt to find the perfect headband for her daughter’s birthday. Day in and day out she still couldn’t find anything that suited her taste. Her background experience in crafting with her grandma, who taught her how to sew and decorate. This sparked the interest to make the headband herself, thus her creative hustle into the Etsy world began soon after when a friend wanted to purchase one of her crafts. Talk about unintentional hustle.


Often times, we may stumble upon a potential business avenue that we may never see ourselves doing and we rethink it over and over to ourselves whether or not it’s a good business idea. It’s important to take the time to sit down and think:

  • What are my skills and is there a market for it?
  • What information do I need in order to even break into the market?
  • What are some ways that I can face the competition (if your market is popular)?
  • What if the business fails?

Once you did the legwork and have some form of strategy ready, you need to figure out the next step in running this business monetarily and time-wise.  Are you going to work a job so you can feed this side hustle or will you jump right into it?

  • With a full time job, you’re probably going to have the funds but not the time.
  • With a part-time job, you’ll have at least some funds and some time.
  • No job? you’re just going to have a lot of time on your hands, with little funds.

Considering all these things earlier will help you best to move forward with your business. No one wants to think of money first, but to have a monetary safety net will save your ass. In case you decide to go big and launch an office, store, buy supplies, or opening a website. 

Though, you will also realize soon that while you’re toggling between your hustle, a job (if you have one), and your social medias — Fish Face Creations can be found at Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy — you’ll see the difficulty of balancing with everything in life.

Phelps runs business full time while being a stay at home mom and expressed that there is a struggle to finding the balance to work and to be a great mom, even though she’s doing great! If she can do it, so can you.

No excuses.


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