Artist Roundup: Creative content leads to conversation

This week, we’re introducing our next artist: The owner of Occipital Media, Miranda Marshall! The agency has a specialty for PR and Marketing, but they never forget about the creativity needed behind their work.

How did you start doing what you’re doing?

My story starts back at Georgia Southern University. I graduated with a Bachelors in Public Relations and joined a Marketing Team in the corporate world soon to follow. After 2 Years of experience, I realized I wanted to do things a little differently. In 2016 I started my marketing agency, M. Marshall Media which has since been rebranded to Occipital Media. 


Occipital Media is a Digital Marketing Agency founded on a genuine desire to assist local businesses in achieving growth. We want to learn about the passion behind your company. We want to know what motivates you to work so hard to service your audience. From there, we want to manage and create any marketing campaigns that portray your story directly to your audience the way you envisioned. 


Being a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of connecting with your community. The engagement of your community contributes to your success. By cultivating a brand strategy that represents your business, Occipital Media aims to start a conversation. Creative content leads to conversation, conversation leads to relationships.

Name one or two struggles of doing the craft you do. How did you overcome them?

My biggest struggle is allowing time to be creative. Often times if I see a pocket in my week I will fill it versus giving myself the time to brainstorm. To be a creative working for yourself, you are the only one held responsible and this can bring a pressure that makes you think you cannot stop. However, not stopping leads to making a minimal impact and that is not progressive for you or your client.

How do you deal with creative block? What would you advise others?

When I am feeling stressed and unable to complete a project, I take my dog on a walk with no phone. The 15-30 minutes outside always seems to set the world on the screen into perspective.

Do you feel like you have support for your craft, and how important is that support to you?

I am beyond grateful for my support system. Whether it be family, friends, or fellow ATLien creators – I am constantly feeling uplifted and inspired.

Any regrets on doing art for a living? Why?

I would not trade this hustle for the world. The downs make the ups that much sweeter and the trust I have built with myself is indispensable.

What’s one thing you would’ve done differently back then, since you know more now?

I would focus on collaborating right from the start. When working with other creatives, I always learn something new about my craft.

How do you plan on expanding? Where do you see yourself with your business?

My hope for Occipital Media is to cultivate a community within my client base that can collaborate and learn from one another as the ever changing field of technology advances.



More about Miranda and Occipital Media:


Facebook: @occipitalmedia

Instagram: @occipitalmedia



The Artist Roundup Series was created to highlight the hidden gems of Atlanta’s art community, regardless of the medium of art. If you know of an Atlanta creative, or you are one, we’d like to feature you—nominate here!


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