Artist Roundup: Music for the Soul

Everyone loves music. It feeds the soul. Today we’re featuring Brian Strickland, the owner of a creative business that is devoted to providing each client with an above and beyond experience, through their wide range of professional services while still maintaining a love for the music. 

How did you start doing what you’re doing?

My dreams of working in the music industry started when a group friends and I traveled down to Wanee Music Festival to celebrate the life of a loved one we lost that year. While walking around the beautiful festival grounds at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, I was amazed at the infrastructure and efficiency of how everything blended together to create an atmosphere that allowed both musicians and fans alike to co-exist and escape the daily grind of reality. From there I spent the next three years seeking and accepting any opportunity that came my way whether it be paid or as an intern. I worked in the office at one of Atlanta’s oldest music venues: Smith’s Olde Bar. [I was] helping with booking, marketing, and as a doorman on nights the venue hosted concerts. I worked with On Point Creative and gained lots of experience, knowledge, and friends in the festival side of the music industry, and developed Free Spirit Productions, the brand that I started booking, promoting, and hosting my own events under in and around the Atlanta area.

With a solid foot in the door within the music industry, I started to plan out long-term goals for where I saw myself in the years to come. I wanted to gain more knowledge about the most important positions in all departments of a live music event that helped it run as efficiently as possible. So I started this journey by seeking a degree in audio engineering at SAE located in downtown Atlanta. This is where I would meet some of the most influential people that I still call my mentors, friends, and business partners to this day. While working to achieve my audio engineering degree, I got a job serving tables at Park Tavern where they just so happen to host live music events throughout the year. I introduced myself to the production team and in no time began pulling double duty serving tables and assisting with set changes and handling the band’s hospitality needs during events. Upon completing my degree I decided to take a leap of faith and only seek out opportunities that would further my career and accomplish my long-term goals within the music industry. Taking that jump has given me the opportunity to work with great companies such as Rhino Staging, Lala Productions, Music Matters Productions, and Live Nation Concerts.

All of the lessons and experiences that I’ve encountered over the last five years have given me the opportunity to rebrand my freelance company Free Spirit Productions to Medicine for the Soul Entertainment. We specialize in talent buying, target event concert and tour marketing, artist relations, event design consulting, and production management. Over the past year, we have worked with many amazing people in different facets of the industry to help develop a movement in the local Atlanta music community. We look forward to providing the Atlanta music scene through new avenues in the years to come and hope to see new faces at our upcoming shows around the Atlanta area.

Name one or two struggles of doing the craft you do. How did you overcome them?

One of the many struggles that I had to learn how to overcome was to develop a healthy lifestyle in a industry that demands early morning, late nights, and all your patience in between.

How do you deal with creative block? What would you advise others?

If I’m ever in a creative rut, I take a break from whatever it is i’m doing and listen to music with nothing else going on around me, because it’s the medicine that feeds my soul. Find whatever it is that feeds your soul too!

Do you feel like you have support for your craft, and how important is that support to you?

I’ve always had solid support system growing up in all aspects of life. There is no way I would be where I am today without my support system always surrounding me.

Any regrets on doing art for a living? Why?


What’s one thing you would’ve done differently back then, since you know more now?

Knowing what I know now, I would have submerged myself more into the business operations aspect of being an entrepreneur sooner then I did.

How do you plan on expanding? Where do you see yourself with business?

In the future, we to look to develop new working relationships in the Atlanta music community by continuing to produce music-driven events that bring together, like-minded individuals, and expanding our industry knowledge in the hopes of providing a wider variety of professional services to our clients.




More about Music for the Soul Entertainment:

Facebook: /medicineforthesoulent

Instagram: @medicineforthesoulent





The Artist Roundup Series was created to highlight the hidden gems of Atlanta’s art community, regardless of the medium of art. If you know of an Atlanta creative, or you are one, we’d like to feature you—nominate here!

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