Artist Roundup: Gilles | Rap Artist

How did you start doing what you’re doing?

Well, I grew up listening to rap music. I guess it was inevitable I would try it out. That’s just kinda the thing I feel kids do. Like, when you’re playing basketball and you do the whole “3, 2, 1” countdown thing, being your own play-by-play announcer. That’s you doing that thing (whatever that thing is). So, one time, I wrote a verse and I was like, “this is not the worst thing I’ve ever heard,” maybe write another…and then another and another…and then, now you’re doing it in public…now, people are nodding their heads and smiling…now, you’re on the internet talking to Life comes at you fast, bro.

Name one or two struggles of doing the craft you do. How did you overcome them?

Well, there are a lot of rappers out there. Like, A LOT. So, just cutting through the noise can be a challenge. People don’t necessarily know they’re going to like what they hear before they hear it so, there’s 30 million ways I have to convince you to click play.

How do you deal with creative block? What would you advise others?

Well, my art is all about my experiences. It’s about my conversations and my relationships. So, if I feel uninspired in my music, that’s my fault for being lame. The solution is to ‘unlame’ yourself.

Do you feel like you have support for your craft, and how important is that support to you?

I do. Support is everything because rap is a performing art. I perform for people. I do all of this, I say these things to make a connection…to make you feel a way. Support is what keeps me going and let’s me know I’m doing something right. My loved ones cheer me on and tell me I’m great—that’s emotional support. I especially like when you download and stream my music, that’s support too—financial and emotional. 

What’s one thing you would’ve done differently back then, since you know more now?

Hmmm, sold drugs, lol. Apparently, that makes for a great story.

Nah, actually, I would just write down some goals. There’s something about writing down your goals that makes them more real to you and gets you thinking about them with a more structured approach.

Do you think social media plays a big part in your success? Why?

Yes. It allows me to communicate with people I don’t know and connect with them. I get to tell my story how I see it and not necessarily how it may fit in with another’s perspective. It’s freeing in that way.

How do you plan on expanding? Where do you see yourself with business?

Growth is about the only thing that’s been consistent in my music career thus far, which I guess is good. We’ve got a good core team. We’re competent and bright and that makes me feel good because I know we know what we’re doing. As far as next steps: bigger tours, more content, more everything.

More about Gilles :

Website: Click me!

   Instagram: @SuperGilles

The Artist Roundup Series was created to highlight the hidden gems of Atlanta’s art community, regardless of the medium of art. If you know of an Atlanta creative, or you are one, we’d like to feature you—nominate here!

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