Artist Roundup: Janelle @ BeyondTheIDo

How did you start doing what you’re doing?

I coordinated my first wedding in 2000 and have since organized, managed, and coordinated a number of events before formally establishing my wedding planning company in 2016.

Name one or two struggles of doing the craft you do. How did you overcome them?

My biggest difficulty is marketing. I’d rather focus on weddings/events and marriage-related resourcesnot learning the best SEO techniques or the newest hack to the Instagram algorithm. Trying to find a marketing solution that can expand my brand and cultivate fresh leads is a huge hurdle. I have confidence that I could figure it out if I worked at it, but I’d rather pay an expert.

How do you deal with creative block? What would you advise others?

Step away! When I have trouble with creativity, organization, or other business aspects, at the least I’ll step away from my computer and take a break. At most, I’ll go on vacation and vow not to do any work for a set number of days.

Do you feel like you have support for your craft, and how important is that support to you?

My husband, family, and friends have given me 100% support. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to start or continue with my journey.

What’s one thing you would’ve done differently back then, since you know more now?

I would’ve taken more time to partner with various marketing companies and try different strategies with different price points than to put a bunch of eggs into one basket.

Do you think social media plays a big part in your success? Why?

Yes, social media provides a platform for me to stay connected with my current clients, and an opportunity to engage potential clients. I’m constantly evolving and adding content to continue to offer solutions to the needs of my followers.

How do you plan on expanding? Where do you see yourself with business?

One day I’ll expand into events and workshops brides and married couples can utilize. I also hope to have other planners work for my company.




More about Beyond the I Do :


     Instagram: @beyondtheido

                                                                                   Facebook: /beyondtheido


The Artist Roundup Series was created to highlight the hidden gems of Atlanta’s art community, regardless of the medium of art. If you know of an Atlanta creative, or you are one, we’d like to feature you—nominate here!

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