Artist Roundup: Kalita @ 323 Creative Designs

How did you start doing what you’re doing?

I think it started with a disposable camera at a wedding. It progressed to becoming the family photographer and creative to then graduating with a graphic communications degree.

Name one or two struggles of doing the craft you do. How did you overcome them?

Photography and the creative space is constantly evolving. I had to learn how to schedule time for training, research, personal projects, family time, and REST. Scheduling and time management became a huge hurdle to overcome, but with online training, intuitive apps, a little persistence, mixed with prayer, sustained growth is inevitable.

How do you deal with creative block? What would you advise others?

Continue to go back to why. Why you started, why the passion was ignited, and why completing the task would have impact. Creative block has happened to the best of us, but it can easily be conquered with a little self awareness.

Do you feel like you have support for your craft, and how important is that support to you?

I’ve been fortunate enough to form relationships with other great creatives, vendors, mentors and teachers. Their support is immeasurable. I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to help others so hopefully they will be able to pass it on. Community over competition is alive and well!

What’s one thing you would’ve done differently back then, since you know more now?

Stepped out of my comfort zone more often. I’ve learned that growth happens when I’m challenged in my creativity.

Do you think social media plays a big part in your success? Why?

Yes, social media provides a platform for me to stay connected with my current clients, and an opportunity to engage potential clients. I’m constantly evolving and adding content to continue to offer solutions to the needs of my followers.

How do you plan on expanding? Where do you see yourself with business?

There is a distinction between expansion and growth. I think for 323 Creative Designs there will always be growth. My goal is to continue to offer goods, services, and solutions to as many people and businesses who need it. If that calls for expansion, then I’m here for the ride.




More about Kalita and 323 Designs:


     Instagram: @323creativedesigns

                                                                                   Facebook: /323creativedesigns


The Artist Roundup Series was created to highlight the hidden gems of Atlanta’s art community, regardless of the medium of art. If you know of an Atlanta creative, or you are one, we’d like to feature you—nominate here!

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