The 9-5 versus Freelancing: Pros of Freelancing

Every FaceBook group I’ve ever been in ever since the start of my freelancing career, has always asked this very question, or some variation to the least. “What are the pros and cons of Freelancing?” Every newbie asks this, and sometimes I still ask myself what are the pros and cons of freelancing because there’s a variety of reasons.

For those considering, a freelancer is someone who works as a self-employed and works with multiple clients for their craft.

(Disclaimer: Working as a freelancer and/or self-employed does have its own financial responsibilities, it is recommended that you work with your CPA to find out the best way for you to step into self-employment and/or freelancing)

People suggest, “Tammy, just do freelance full-time, you’ll get back so much time for yourself!” So I gave it a try. I loved it for a second, then I hated it. That’s another story though. In summary, I learned about freelancing on to Upwork, Fiverr, Thumbtack, and contracting for corporates, which really had it’s pros and cons.


Pros of freelancing

— Work on your own time —

Working on the freelance platforms mentioned above, I gained so much experience in the world of freelance, not just getting a couple of checks. Freelancing has definitely helped me gain a better understanding of time management and productivity because everything was on my own time. I was able to set my own schedule, when I wanted to work and not work. The lifeee.

— You learn how to do business  —

I already have a bad habit of stuttering when I’m nervous, can you imagine me talking to clients? Even though most of the platforms are chat-based, I’ve gained a better voice and tone to talk with clients that want to video or phone call. I’ve become a much better seller! I learned legal steps (which you should still always talk to a CPA) such as contracts, invoicing, and how to track my client time. All great skills for you future business owners out there.

— Learn how to price  —

If you’re not struggling to figure out your pricing, then congrats, you’ve made it far in your freelance career. I’ve freelanced for about 2 years consistently and still struggle on pricing, though because of freelancing it has gotten better. Sometimes I’ve caught myself throwing my designs out for the low. I’m talking about less than $50 for a logo when the norm is charging no less than $500? In this community of freelancers, you’re bound to meet people — I suggest joining FaceBook groups and MeetUp groups. You’re going to gain so much knowledge on the worth of your creativity.

— Portfolio refreshers —

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is to see my portfolio filled with ONLY designs that are over a year and a half old. If I were to go on now, I can probably still pinpoint some things that may be over 2 to 2 and a half years old honestly, but those were award winning so…. letmebeplease.

Freelancing though, has definitely helped me show off my skill in different areas. I’m a graphic designer who worked at her college school newspaper as a lead designer and all I’ve done was a LOT and a LOT of page layout design and recruitment ads. Through freelancing, I’ve done so many different mediums: banners, yard signs, wedding invitations, stickers, pens, pins, vinyl, you name it!


What are some skills you’ve learned from freelancing?
What are your thoughts on pros of freelancing?
Are you a full-time, part-time, considering freelancer?

Send me ya thoughts.


Tammy Huynh



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