Artist Roundup: Music for the Soul

Everyone loves music. It feeds the soul. Today we’re featuring Brian Strickland, the owner of a creative business that is devoted to providing each client with an above and beyond experience, through their wide range of professional services while still maintaining a love for the music.  How did you start doing what you’re doing? My […]

3 Ways Art Kept Me Sane During College

Most of our college careers are all about planning and structure. There’s a lot of putting yourself and your pleasures to the side in order to focus on what’s important. As if getting up in the morning shamefully early to work on papers, arranging meetings, communicating with professors, picking up side jobs, applying for internships, […]

Artist Roundup: Glorious Moments in the Making

This week we introduce: Glorious Moments Photography. A husband (Justin) and wife (Glorianna) photography team based in Atlanta, GA. Specialized in Authentic Wedding, Intimate Event, and Elopement Photography. How did you start doing what you’re doing? I have always loved photography since I was a little, but I never thought that this would be real […]

From brainstorm to bathtime, Atlanta-based Handcrafted Soap Maker Shares the Art of Soap Making

Sudsing up is more than just a way to clean one’s self for some. And of all people, Brittany Williams-McNair, owner of The Body Cove, get’s that. Williams-McNair started creating bath products and soaps out of boredom in but quickly realized that making bars of soap meant something more to her. Now, with just over […]