The Creative Folks Wants To Celebrate Its One Year Anniversary With You!

The Creative Folks (TCF) will be celebrating its first anniversary on January 1st, 2019. To commemorate this huge milestone, TCF wants to celebrate with the public by hosting a T-shirt design contest. The winning design will be featured on our new upcoming merchandise in 2019. But that’s not all, the winner will also be able […]

Five Elective Classes Any Illustrator Student should take

Anatomy Class What’re the biggest problems I see with young arts? Proportions, proportions, and proportions. It’s amazing to me how many young artists moving from high school to college have an issue with proper proportions and anatomy. I was in the same boat, too (I still struggle with this myself, so I shouldn’t be the […]

Not Getting to Pursue Your Passion Might Just be your Big Break

Guest post written by Fariha Rashid The Bengali culture, my culture, is notoriously known for being creative while ironically frowning down upon anyone that decides to pursue art in any form as a career.  While this is a vast overgeneralization- it is what I grew up knowing. That being said, from childhood I had exposure […]