Artist Roundup: Podcast Meets Dinner

This week, we’re introducing our first Roundup Series Artists, Dinner Sisters! Specifically out of the two sisters, Betsy talks about the podcasting space, an art that takes personality and understanding storytelling through only audio. The unique-niche podcast was born when “Two sisters tackle the question: What’s for dinner?” How did you start doing what you’re […]

RawATL brings the art community together with Magnify

About RAW & Magnify Thursday June 7, 2018, The Creative Folks team stepped into the entrance of RawATL Presents: Magnify to do our first of many, Art Event Reviews! RAW operates across 60 cities in the U.S. alone, Atlanta being one of them (RawATL), as well as in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Canada. RAW […]

Product Review: Tools for the modern content creators

Disclaimer: This product was offered to The Creative Folks for an honest review and premium account to the program. It is not a monetary paid promotion. The Creative Folks’ goal is to be 100% transparent with our readers. We stand behind the products we recommend and would not offer you anything that doesn’t align with […]